Ithaca 5&10 and New IG

Whew it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written anything substantial. I’ve been enjoying other creative outlets and just not thinking about the dear old blog.

I can never completely leave my roots though, so here we are.

A few weeks back I ran the local Ithaca 5&10 race on a whim. After a month off and no real expectations, I wanted to see how my capacity to suffer was holding up. Oh baby it’s still there. I ran the 5k and it was a pretty painful and ugly 3.1 miles.


I got somewhere around 19:00 which I now understand is pretty terrible. But it gave me a starting point and the next day I began a lighter 5K training program from a book. It’s pretty low mileage and it allows me to also continue with the strength training regime I have been on.

The race itself was pretty uneventful. It’s hard for me to write a race report for an event that took me less than 20 minutes, had no bathroom breaks, eating or getting lost and was just all pain even at my pace. I warmed up well, but then the race started late so my legs go a bit cold at the line. When I took off I felt like a leg spasm sort of happened, but I avoided falling and found some semblance of footing.

I chased a woman for the first mile, then passed her and took a comfortable (HA) lead for the rest. To be honest, I just tried to hang on and not cry. I did wear my sunglasses though just in case some tears fell.

To put it in perspective, the 10k started about 40 yards behind us at the same time and within 1 minute the guys all passed me haha.

A good starting point though. I am enjoying this training. It’s fitting in quite nicely with my life right now.

I am LOVING my strength training routine created for me by my good friend Danielle (the badass). I go to the gym after work at about 8:30 or 9:00PM and it’s quiet. I just do my thing, get in a lift or balance or core workout and then head home to eat. I finished phase 1 (4 weeks) and started phase 2 this week. I was really sore this week, but that always happens when I switch exercises. It’ll be better next week.


The hardest part of it: the core workout! This week the exercises got tougher, so it takes me even longer. Tonight I have a core double…so I might be at the gym for a while. Wish me luck!!

I mentioned in my last post that I was starting a foodie IG, well I’ve been having SO MUCH FUN doing that this past week, that’s probably why I’m not blogging. I think my breakfasts are the most thought I put into meals, and I am sure learning a lot about topping distribution, lighting and what looks good together.


I got some neat food coloring (gasp!) and have been using that sometimes. It makes thing pretty 🙂

Everything else is basically the same. I met some new friends at the 5&10 and have been running into people on runs, which then turn into a catch up date. Life is treating me well.


Good sandwiches are happening, good pancakes, good oatmeal.


I have a good life.

Running: 6 miles easy

Breakfast: toast with pb&b&jam

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  1. Good things are happening! I’m so happy you are loving your gym routines and your newfound IG account – your food coloring idea is brilliant and unique to you! Keep enjoying this time of good things 🙂

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