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Last Thursday I had my blood drawn and sent to Inside Tracker. A few days later I received an email that my results were ready and a link that took me to my personal profile on their website.

Read about why I wanted to work with Inside Tracker here.

Another email also came with comprehensive results that I could bring to my GP or health care provider if I chose.

Before I received the results, I decided to take an off season from running. I was feeling run down and my Achilles soreness just needed time to heal. My head was not into running and I was more focused on my job. It’s silly to train through that and do races. I want to compete well in races, so I cleared my schedule (after Flower City, which I decided to do with friends) and am taking a nice break from training.

After the race on Monday my results came. I am going to break it down into three categories: at risk, moderate risk and optimal. I will provide levels where appropriate.

At Risk:

The test confirmed what my body was already telling me: I am overtrained from trying to be 110% at both running and work.

My testosterone to cortisol ratio was very high indicating high levels of stress and fatigue: 21 units

Vitamin D: 20ng/mL 

Testosterone: high

Cortisol: 20ug/dL

Moderate Risk:

B-12: 470pg/mL

DHEAS: 183ug/dL

Inflammation: high

Iron: low


Glucose: 79mg/dL

Liver Enzymes

Creatine Kinase: 69U/L

Sodium: 142mmol/L

Potassium: 4.2mmol/L

Magnesium: 2.2 mg/dL

Cholesterol: good

Lipid Profile: good

Calcium: 4.9mg/dL

Folate: 23.5ng/dL

Take Aways:

Overtrained, high stressed, not absorbing nutrients.

My bone health is at risk due to levels of Vitamin D.

I do not have much expendable energy due to low B-12.

I have compromised RBC function due to low levels of iron.

My sex hormones are at a slogging pace.

My body is in a state of chronic inflammation.

I take the three supplements I am deficient in. This means I am either not absorbing them or this is not enough. Likely, it is a combination of those two things. When the body is in a state of high cortisol, it is hard to use its energy to metabolize nutrients. This is why in the later stages of a marathon or ultra, runners find it hard to eat or throw up. The body in a state of stress does not metabolize food efficiently.

After reading the bloodwork, I completed the profile indicating my goals. As of right now because I am not training, that means optimal health. Then, the algorithm created a list of foods to help both with improving my deficiencies and achieving my goals.

So, this is where I am at. Since that time I have taken the recommendations, which I will discuss in a future post as I realize this is a lot of information.

I am encouraged that before I got the results I was able to correctly read my body and decide to take time off. This test could not have come at a better time as I can fix this now, get to optimal health and begin training again.

Thank you for reading.

20 thoughts on “Inside Tracker Results”

  1. This is really brave of you to share – thank you. You know where your body is at and you know what you want for yourself. You knew even before these results which, as you’ve said, is just that extra bit of encouragement to do all the things your intuition was already telling you. Now to make those healthy changes a priority, as you deserve, and as I know you can do.

  2. I find this all super fascinating. I also take a B-12, D, and iron supplement, but I am fatigued all the time, too. I don’t train nearly as much as you were, but it takes me FOREVER to recover from a hard workout. I always wondered why. I feel like even lowly half marathon/marathon runners like me could benefit from this kind of blood testing. My yearly physical where I get my blood tested hasn’t indicated anything except low vitamin D. So, so interesting. Thanks for sharing, Ellie!

  3. That is so cool that you were able to get that understanding and insight into what your body needs. I would really love to try something like this; and it’s pretty wonderful that you have been so open and willing to share them with us (cause I know that can be tough.)

  4. Curious about what the test is called and the cost. Hope you’re able to get your health back in check soon. Hugs!

  5. I actually just got blood work last week too, and my iron is VERY low. I’m going to add a supplement for a while. My white blood cells are low too, but that is apparently normal with autoimmune disorders. My sex hormones have been whacked for years. Lol.

  6. You should really have a doctor order a DEXA scan to make sure you aren’t already in the early stages of osteopenia.

  7. I think it’s so important to try to understand what’s going on in our bodies – so kudos to you for realizing something was wrong and being willing to take time off from training to heal. Alot of us are low in Vitamin D – I was too. I took a higher dose supplement and mine has increased sufficiently since the fall. Thanks for sharing your results – I am so fascinated by these companies.

  8. This is so interesting!! Thanks for sharing your results! I love looking at blood work results and medical things like that. Way to go on taking care of yourself and making a plan to rest and recharge!

  9. Thank you for sharing with us. The best thing is that you know what your body needs and wants. That is really very important. I’m also wondering my body is undernourished, hihi

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