I’ll wait for it, I’ve got nothing better to do

I started to miss running on Saturday. I went out for a walk before a double at work, and just wanted to feel that rush.

That cool air going straight through me.

The power in my legs.

The confidence in my stride.

I got to the South Hill trail and actually tried to start jogging. My foot still isn’t ready. It’s still healing from 9 months of pounding.

That’s ok, I’ll wait for it. I’ve got nothing better to do.

This week I’ll get back into the gym. Some elliptical and start weights. I am so lucky to be the friend of ax experienced lifter, because she wrote me a plan without batting an eye.

Strengthen the body outside of running. Give me something to put energy into.

The running will come back, and I’ll be ready.

This morning, Sunday, I missed my long runs. Not the all day escapades, but the 15-16 milers that took me on a journey, but never got me lost. I love those runs the most. The 2 hour easy jogs with my own head and a podcast. Grinding, and loving it. They’ll come back too. Not soon, but they will.

My rehab for my foot has been pretty standard. Just ice, balance, really massaging it and some water bottle rolling. Ibuprofen got the swelling down. It’s better but not there yet. It’ll come.

The students came back to town this week, so I’ve been doing my thing at CTB. I am lucky to have this. It keeps me engaged and fulfilled and on my toes. My coworkers have been great, albeit getting tired. Most of us are pulling 6 day weeks, and we are short staffed. Let’s just say I’m glad it’s busy now that I don’t have stuff to train for.

I’m thinking of selling my van to one of my coworkers. She and her girlfriend are going on a cross country road trip and they want it. I want my van to get used, so if they are serious, I’ll certainly sell it to them. I had such a great experience out there, I think they’d learn so much and have a wild time.

You know what I don’t really miss right now?

Trail running. Or all day trail running.

Controversial. Maybe. But that’s what I feel.

I don’t get the same rush I did a few months ago. The way I feel about road running right now is how I felt about trails last December. It fascinates me and I just want to do that.

I don’t have any aspirations right now to race. I simply want to do something different. I didn’t run in HS or college, so I’ve never trained for anything shorter than a half marathon. I want to just run a 5k.

I want to see what that feels like. Against other people. On the road. A different sort of burn.

But first, get my foot back to normal. Finish resting (I am still doing that, one week isn’t enough) and eating good food.

I don’t think of it as moving backward, I think of it as a new challenge, a new way to learn and a new way to have fun.

And that’s what running is.

2 thoughts on “I’ll wait for it, I’ve got nothing better to do”

  1. Hi Ellie! It sounds like this time off while healing is also sparking some new thoughts/exploration. How exciting that you’re contemplating a 5k. I do like to have a balance between trail running and road running (I truly love both), so I can relate to missing road running. I loved this line…”the 15-16 milers that took me on a journey, but never got me lost.” I miss those runs. I’m sure I’ll built back up to that distance someday.

  2. 100%. I totally get it.

    I miss that endorphin rush of movement, of strength training, or just moving my body in those ways.

    But I, too, am experiencing a new way of learning and a new way of having fun. I’m learning what things I actually truly love. And when my body is healed, I will learn what aspects of those things I miss I really long to return to, and I will appreciate them when I do. Now is the time for healing, and enjoying other things as we wait for that time to pass.

    My work is also short staffed. So, I also hear you there…

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