I know my body

I am a few weeks into “non-training” and prioritizing the information given to me by Inside Tracker. The first two weeks were spent completely off movement outside of work. Then this past Sunday, I jumped into a local small trail race.

Race recap: it was fun, felt amazing and scratched my itch to get on some trails.

I haven’t run since then, but if the urge comes, I’ll take it outside for a few miles. Not training for me does not mean not running or moving. Not training means listening to what I want to do, keeping my HR pretty manageable and stopping if I’m not feeling it.

No workouts, no heavy breathing, all enjoyable.

What I’ve learned so far in this process is that I know my own body. I can hear what it’s telling me. I do not always listen, but I know what it is saying.

I was not afraid to run on Sunday because my intentions were pure enjoyment, I knew I would walk if I wanted to and I missed this small town trail scene. That’s exactly how the race turned out.

If I decide to run from now on, I’m confident I can handle it. Of course, I’m not planning any workouts or anything specific. Simply if the urge to run comes, I’ll go with it.

My life has slowed down considerably at work with the students gone. That is both a blessing for my body, and a curse for my mind. I get bored easily, but am trying to embrace the slowness. Being the social media manager has given me a creative outlet, while also allowing me to rest my legs. Check out the Instagram @strongheartsonthehill to see my work. You can also follow us on Facebook (shameless plug).

Do I still consider myself an athlete in this period? Hmm, I think yes because it keeps my eye on the eventual goal of training again when I want to. It helps me remember to foam roll, do some hip mobility, wear my recovery gear and eat properly. It also gives me confidence that running will not hurt me. I’ll be fine if I jog a few easy miles. Just not everyday.

I think I really freaked out a few weeks ago. I was over tired, stressed and wondering how to manage it all. Then I got bloodwork confirming that. I hadn’t been listening to my body. Instead of going completely nuts and calling my sister in the middle of the night, I should have done what I’ve been doing, took enough time off to want to run again and adjusted racing goals.

My future plans have a few races, but they are not goal oriented events. I have zero planned training, am going to show up at the race and just run. Not fast or go anaerobic, but just have fun. That’s how I started racing, and that’s how I want to do it right now.

Racing as a social event, not an opportunity to test myself or compete.

That actually sounds lovely!

I know my body. I’m listening to it.

15 thoughts on “I know my body”

  1. this is great Ellie; I am coming to know my body more and more and its needs for rest and activity. I want to listen to my body more and more. <3

  2. …yes, you are. And you are living with flow and not by rules. Not even ones you maybe set for yourself at one point. As long as you are continuing to listen to your body and keeping your overlying goals for health, going on those runs to keep your SOUL alive is just another way this is is all going to work in the long run. Aha. Pun intended?

  3. Dig this! I am currently overtrained, overworked, stressed, and after reading this I am thinking that after my race in June I may take a little recovery break and reevaluate the rest of my summer/fall race schedule. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Reading this only now but I still wanted to tell you how proud of and happy for you I am. Getting to this point and changing your mindset around is an amazing accomplishment, Ellie. While I’ve never run as dedicatedly as you I can still imagine how hard this probably was mentally at first but as you said: running for fun is, well, fun, too.

    1. Oh man that must be a crazy experience! I don’t think anything would make me care more for my body then carrying another life inside it.

  5. I’m so sorry — I completely missed your post about taking time off! I just had to go back through and read a couple.

    I’m glad you’re taking much needed R&R. Running should be fun, that’s the bottom line. If it’s not and you’re fatigued and overtrained, then it’s not worth it. I think what you’re doing is a great thing by just going with the flow. Running hard and training will come back to you when you’re ready.

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