How I Pick What To Eat [WIAW]

I’m sure a book could be written on the psychology of picking what to eat, but I want to discuss my own thought process when it comes to meal choice.

1.) Is it going bad soon?

Number one for sure! I hate food waste so although I want to get more creative in the kitchen, I choose whatever is going bad first. In the Spring, that was bananas. I had bananas in some form everyday for breakfast and also sometimes for dinner. It was delicious and I didn’t get tired of it. Now, I freeze my bananas for ice cream dinners and have other things for breakfast. I had sweet potatoes for a while because I got a big bag of them, forgot about them and then needed to eat them in two days. It happens.

2.) How did I feel after eating that the last time?

This is a big one for training actually because if I have a second session, I don’t want to feel awful. I also want my food to help me recovery the fastest, because I have a job that is on my feet. Until you experience the running “brick” in your stomach, this won’t make sense. I am lucky that I can handle all foods, but I know that running 80-90 miles a week requires a lot of calories. Fat calories and lower glycemic carbs generally fit the bill.

3.) Will it taste good?

Ironically this is third on the list, but I bet for most people you’d think it would be first. I love breakfast, so usually each thing I eat tastes good and gives me the same level of enjoyment. Sure, some days when my run is super sweaty, I’d rather have yogurt or nice cream instead of waffles, but when all is said and done, if I didn’t have yogurt and had to have something else, it’s not the end of the day.

4.) If I see it, I want it.

Sometimes one of my coworkers is eating something and it looks delicious, so I make it. Eye see food, food gets eaten.

5.) Is it fast and convenient?

When I am working, my boss tells me when I eat. If it’s busy and I’m hungry, I have a go to sandwich that I know will satisfy my tastebuds, provide sufficient calories and take minimal time to make so I can rest.

Ok, now, onto WIAW hosted by JenArman and Laura.



These scones and an apple. Ice coffee always.



Boxed vegan mac & cheese, salad.



Smoothie with blueberries, raspberries, mango and spinach




Maple banana ice cream with walnuts and coconut bacon. Bowl of greens, a few animal crackers.

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What dictates what you eat?

What is one condiment you add to everything?

18 thoughts on “How I Pick What To Eat [WIAW]”

  1. Looks like a yummy day of eats! I really hate wasting food too, so that’s probably at the top of the list for me. I try to get creative with my leftovers and make new things with them. The second deciding factor would be what I want to eat and how yummy that thing will taste. Honesty, I crave veggies and fruit(and nut butter of course) most of the time, so I’m still able to get lots of nutritious foods in ma belly, with treats sprinkled throughout 😀

    As for the condiment, probably salsa or hot sauce, buuut if nut butter counts as a condiment, then nut butter 🙂

  2. WOAH! That maple bacon vegan ice cream looks so amazing! And I love your principles for what you eat. The fast and easy one applies usually for lunch for me, but I take a bit more time on dinner or breakfast. Also, I don’t like wasting food either, so it’s always helping me be more creative in the kitchen instead of getting in a food rut. 🙂

  3. You’re so right about how a book could be written on the psychology of choosing what we eat! I feel like it’s totally different for everyone at every meal and that’s just so neat.

    Reading this totally made me want to dip animal crackers in peanut butter. That sounds amazing!

    1. I find I crave veggies and fruits a lot now with the summer. Of course I have a sweet/fat tooth, but I always get back to craving the whole foods.

  4. I always choose whatever is going to go bad first- I HATE wasting food too! it feels so silly to just be throwing money in the trash. Then I just try to eat what I am craving and make sure I am getting balanced nutrition.

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