How I Make Banana Ice Cream into a Meal

On Sunday, I kind of bought a lot of snacks. Now, I don’t really snack that much, so this probably sounds strange. Hear my logic though.

It’s hot out, meaning all I want to eat for dinner is banana ice cream. I know that three bananas isn’t a meal and also, part of the fun of it is TOPPINGS/MIX-INS! Therefore, buying snacks (at a huge discount mind you) was a great idea 🙂

So buy some snacks guys, they never go bad!

What did I buy for my banana ice cream recipes? Chocolate covered nuts, salted edamame, coconut bacon, salted caramel pretzels, soy nuts…I went hard core.

I do appreciate banana ice cream plain, but it’s easier to make it into a meal when you add nuts, seeds orrrrrr CANDY!

Tangent—> is anyone else a fan of sweet and salty? This girl is.

I’ve wanted to make a salted caramel ice cream for a while now. I may try Kat’s caramel peanut butter dip as a swirl-in, but the salty soy nuts and edamame are giving me that salty taste I like in my ice cream. Salted almonds and peanuts work too, but hey, $1 soy nuts were a steal.

Another salty fav: pretzels

The salted caramel pretzel pieces…omg yes! So satisfying and pair well with ice cream.

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So now that I’ve officially explained my banana ice cream and snack situation, let’s get onto WIAW, hosted by JenArman and Laura.



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Oatmeal with maple syrup and Bliss Nut Butters Saigon Cinnamon peanut butter, plums and apple



Tomato soup with bean sprouts and hummus



Raspberry, blueberry, mango and spinach smoothie



Cookies and Cream Banana ice cream with coconut flakes and almonds, bowl of greens and banana chips

What is your favorite cold dinner? Lo mein. After banana ice cream of course.

Do you buy extra snacks when they’re on sale?

16 thoughts on “How I Make Banana Ice Cream into a Meal”

  1. I was never a snacker – and still am not – but girl I’ve been hitting up the bulk barn snack isle like its my new favorite pastime (maybe it is?). And I’ve been ALL about the sweet and salty combo. Salted caramel pretzels? Holy I need to find these. I loved roasted salted edamame and roasted salted peas. I just found a snack pack of reeces chocolates mixed with pretzels and salted peanuts and can’t wait to throw them onto some nice cream.

    1. I totally saw those at the store the other day! I think I would end up picking out the Reese’s to eat first and then everything else afterwards hahha

  2. Ooh, I totally totally love this post. There is so much goodness in it. I love your bowls of oatmeal, and I am a 100% toppings girl too. Topping yogurt or ice cream is one of my favorite things to do. I go a little crazy with the toppings. 🙂 Thankfully my family is really kind about it. I do like to buy extra snacks, cause our family is a huge snacking family. 😀

  3. That’s a good idea to put hummus on soup! I love banana ice cream too. I like topping it with granola, nuts, chia seeds, hemp hearts, shredded coconut, or cereal 🙂

  4. I’ve never thought of putting hummus I soup! I’m obsessed with hummus, so I’ll have to try this, I’m sure it lends a really delicious flavor and creaminess. And oh my gosh, ice cream for dinner, yes, yes, YES!!! Banana ice cream for dinner I definitely something I can roll with.


  5. Hummus on soup? That sounds awesome! My family has always eaten popcorn with our soup and that’s really good, too. Curried split pea soup + popcorn is a meal fit for a very poor king!
    Those plums look so delightfully red and beautiful! I miss plums.

  6. A huge salad with watermelon for dessert is my favorite cold dinner. Oh yes on snacks, especially when the healthy ones are super cheap from Grocery Outlet. Lately I’ve been buying Mighty Flakes cereal (made from beans) just to snack on.

    1. Yum that sounds like a great cereal! I don’t really eat cereal in a bowl too much. I go through phases where I buy a box, finish it in two days and then the craving is done. I’m also big on fruit for snack, but ones I don’t have to cut up…like grapes 😉

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