Hold Yourself Back Sea Biscuit

When I feel good running, it is so hard to hold myself back. Especially after a few weeks of feeling flat and stale, feeling good is such a blessing and I almost feel compelled to take advantage of it.

In the week leading up to GLER, I had that amazing week where every run felt good. So I added, a few miles, here and there. No extra speed, nothing too crazy, but adding it up, I ran 20 extra miles that week. 

20 extra miles.

That is too much for my current level of fitness. Even though they felt amazing, they most likely contributed to the nerve pain that prevented me from finishing Green Lakes.

Too much Sea Biscuit.

This past week, I’ve seen a great sports chiropractor and PT who has thankfully gotten my nerve pain sorted out. It is feeling better and I should be looking to running a bit more. I say should, because no sooner did my butt feel better, did my right foot begin to hurt. So much so, I had to limp home yesterday morning in tears.

Tears that I fixed one problem, but had another. Tears falling because I have been trying to hard, doing all my stretches, not running, seeing a PT and I cannot escape this cycle.

Talking to my PT, he thinks I most likely did all this damage at Escarpment in July and it was just a time bomb. Falling twice per mile for eighteen miles is a beating. The extra mileage I ran the week of the race exposed the issue. The pain was coming, all I can do now is prevent it from happening again.

Right now that means allowing my foot to heal, when I can run, doing so cautiously and trusting that my body will use the limited training so I can still compete.

The thing is, through this process, I was reminded that I just love to run. I don’t really care about pace or winning or even racing. I just want to run. Talking to my coach, I told him I want him to remind me of this injury and how smart it is to take the smaller amount of mileage and let my body use it. I want him to remind me that just being able to run is a gift.

Because it is. 

Onward from here!

5 thoughts on “Hold Yourself Back Sea Biscuit”

  1. I know how hard it is to rein yourself in, but I see a lot of maturity in you as a runner Ellie to step back when you need it; you are so gifted as a runner, and gifted at knowing when to rest too. <3 I know God so graciously knits our bodies back together so many times when we are hurting.

  2. Just remember that it’s all part of the same kinetic chain….the foot, leg, hips, back. So, likely what they have “fixed” in one area isn’t really fixing at all. You have to slowly address it all. Take your time, it will get better! Best wishes for a safe recovery!

  3. It’s definitely a struggle to hold back when you feel good! Especially if that feeling good is come and go, I can understand wanting to capitalize. During marathon training, I remember a run I was only scheduled to do 8, and I did 15 (nearly double) because I felt so good. I made sure to take it easier the next few days. Sounds like you have a good PT and chiropractor on board!

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