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My name is Ellie Pell and I am a competitive vegan athlete living in Ithaca, NY.

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I started running distances (longer than a 3000m) about 5 years ago on the side on a mountain. My first half marathon distance was the Monster Half Marathon trail race in which I finished in about 2 hours and 10 minutes.

I didn’t run another race until about two years ago. The Monster was enough for me for a couple years.

Fast forward some school, some work and living on my own, I decided to train for the Skunk Cabbage classic half marathon and finished it in about 1:43.

Another year and with some training on my part, I won it with a time of 1:24:26.

The next year, on April 10, 2016, I won it again and set the course record with a time of 1:20:37.


Too fast? Ok, here is a it more of the story:

After my first Skunk Cabbage attempt, I went back to school for a year and ran for fun during college. After running out of money to pay for my last year and a lack of direction, I moved back to Ithaca and started training for a second attempt at Skunk in 2015. I loosely followed a couple training plans, had no expectations and used the treadmill a lot that winter.

Well, the hard work payed off. I ran the Syracuse half marathon a few weeks before Skunk and dropped my PR to 1:30:34 in a 10 degree race.

I ran Skunk and ended up winning overall female with a time of 1:24:26.

After that race, I had a few hip injuries, so I raced pretty sparsely through the summer and did not decrease that PR.

I decided to train for my first marathon on May 29th 2016 and did two half marathons in that build up. I raced the “Syra-crazy” half marathon on April 3, 2016 in a blizzard and white out conditions and got a 1:25:22, obviously not working on that PR. That next weekend, I raced Skunk for a third time and (drumroll please),

I got a PR of 1:20:37 and set the female course record.

Right now I am three weeks out from my first marathon attempt. It’s been one wild ride!

I also race on the Strong Hearts Vegan Power racing team. I love this group of people and have enjoyed getting to know so many passionate vegans who love running just as much as I do!


For more information, check out my Vegan Lifestyle page!

What are my goals? To see how fast I can be

What is this blog?

This blog will chronicle my experiences running and eating while I train to get as fast as I can. I am here to reflect, learn and answer my own questions as well as those I’ve gotten from readers. I have recipes I trust, runs I recommend and life stuff I go through as I work a (more than) full time job and train intensely.

Contact me! I love interacting with other people, not just runners or vegans!

Check out my Sponsors page to see what products I’m using and what fuels me.

Check out my past blog Eating Pavement to see some recipes, some training and some laughs. I no longer actively post on there, but the recipes are still good and I still look back on that from time to time.

Email: elliepell8@gmail.com

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All opinions are my own. I have no medical degree and only speak from my own experience. I have found I learn the most from actual people rather than science. Take whatever I say as some else’s experience and that’s it. Use what you want, leave the rest and let’s be friends.

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