Gurgling tummy and my vitamins

Oh baby my stomach is gurgling today. We’re talking cramps during my run and just LOUD sounds coming out of there. That’s what I get for eating too much past the sell-by date food. When will I learn? The culprit: “wild and nutty rice”. A double whammy for me, being both fibrous and whole grain and probably past its prime.

I had this discussion with my coach yesterday. He doesn’t tell me what to eat. He’s vegan, but we don’t really discuss food as long as I’m getting enough, which I am. Yesterday we just candidly talked about what works for us. When I am intensely training, I shift my diet toward simpler carbohydrate based foods and fruits, rather than fibrous, higher vitamin and mineral based ones. I do this because I need my four meals to be digested quickly, and used for energy. The fiber stays in my system too long and also causes me to poop a lot. Like today.

I predicted yesterday that the rice was going to make my gut work harder. My guy told me today, throughout my whole run. The fact that the food was old probably didn’t help. So here is the conundrum we athletes face, less fiber, less vitamins and minerals, not as healthy right?

Well, yes. This is why in addition to consuming enough calories (which will give you enough protein and fat) I also take vitamins. This is what works for me. I eat simple foods, whiter breads and pastas, bananas instead of blueberries (usually) and nut butters over seeds. I take a multivitamin, b12, calcium-magnesium-D3 and iron. I do this to make sure I’m getting all the things to recover, while keeping excess fiber and veggies out of my diet.

It’s crunch time, I am starting the taper soon. I can’t mess shit up now. I got through my gurgling tempo run and it was kind of painful and awkward. My legs handled the pace well, but I don’t want my gut to go through that on race day.

Breakfast: oatmeal with PB and banana, apple and coffee

Running: 70 minutes

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