Greenstar, Monkey Run and my first meal

I’m really starting to enjoy my weekends. On Saturday I ran, worked till 12 and then got lunch with my friend Fabian before taking him to get groceries. We ate at Greenstar and I treated myself to some delicious country-fried tofu. I highly recommend it!

We then drove around Treman park for a bit so I could find parking spaces and trails. He’s such a good friend for going with me.

I then went to Agava for a bit to take photos and touch base with my manager. After a few hours, I just wanted to sit in my van and read, which is exactly what I did.

On Sunday my legs were tired so I skipped a run and went hiking at Monkey Run. I was able to scout those trails for two hours and get some pretty photos.

I finished just as soon as the snow started. The Skunk Cabbage half marathon was going on at Cornell, and I got there just in time to see the finish. It’s still my favorite race. The first time I won.

After that I did laundry and went back to Greenstar for lunch. I’d been craving tempeh like mad, and they had it! I got BBQ tempeh and quinoa. They have those in the packaged section (still made in house) and so then I got a bowl and warmed it up in the seating area. It was so good!

I did some van maintenance, a few more errands and then read my book.

I cooked my first meal (oatmeal haha) using my butane stove and it went very well. I can’t wait to bust out my Coleman burner.

Things will be ok. I trust that now.

Breakfast: peanut butter and jelly on sourdough

Running: 68 minutes

3 thoughts on “Greenstar, Monkey Run and my first meal”

  1. Is there anything better than spending a sunday afternoon resting and reading? I spent sunday afternoon laying on my couch resting and napping. I honestly feel like I need an entire that I devote to not moving from my couch but I rarely have the time. Is Greenstar a bit like wholefoods? You mentioned being able to heat up your food there? Sounds like an awesome place to eat.

  2. sundays are meant for relaxation! glad you got to just chill. also have been on a huge tempeh kick. just finished the last of mine and need to get more!

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