Fueling Two Days in the Life (a double long run weekend)

This past weekend I had a double long run. I ran bigger mileage (at least for me) on both Saturday and Sunday to simulate the later miles of race day fatigue.

I noticed that as the distances get longer, I pay closer attention to making sure I get enough throughout the day. Sure, I’m hungry for breakfast after the run, but making sure enough fuel is consumed become more important later in the day when I’m not ravenous.

It is also important when I am running long again the next day.

My biggest advice for doing back-to-back long runs and recovering appropriately between them is to eat DURING the run. I honestly don’t think that eating much while running influences my performance too much. I think products like Run Gum, water and electrolytes help out immensely, but unless the run is over 25-30 miles, eating on the run is specifically for recovery.

This is just my experience. Obviously, eating while run does help on that run, but I want to make it clear that the most benefits I see from eating/drinking while running is that it aids in recovery.

That said, the following are two days of eating on double run days:

[running fuel]

Day 2

Same running fuel as pictured above.

Plus the same dessert as the night before

That was what I ate for my long run weekend.

Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions.

18 thoughts on “Fueling Two Days in the Life (a double long run weekend)”

    1. Yes, but that happens when I over-analyze things too much. I’m working hard on being more care-free with training and eating. I run better and it’s more fun. I’ll let my sports nutritionist worry about it =P

  1. Its easy for me – and I think many – to forget that our bodies are still (if not more so) recovering through the day and inBETWEEN workouts. It’s not sure during or right after that our bodies need fuel. It keeps going.
    What is that fabulous looking breakfast thing!?

    1. WAFFLES!!! I have been making Krity’s (Southern In Law) waffles for a few weeks now and love them. They are similar to my recipe, except use apple sauce instead of banana. I have apple sauce and not bananas right now, so they’re perfect!

    1. Hmm, I don’t think that’s really necessary. Counting calories usually leads to obsession. Just make sure you still eat regular meals and don’t skimp on things even if you don’t feel hungry.

  2. I am always having trouble with back-to-back long run because my body recovers slowly. I feel worn out and my legs are hurt. I really appreciate your advices and I will give it a try. Hope that things will work out for me.

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