Flower City Recap and Rest

The Flower City Half Marathon that I completed on Sunday was relatively uneventful and that’s exactly what I wanted. I don’t know my exact time, somewhere around 1:43 and change. It might be my slowest half, but that was kind of the point. I ran with my Strong Hearts teammate Brian and I think he got a PR. The four of us that ran all had fun. It rained a bit and was colder than expected, but I had a great time.

My Achilles started to feel weird around mile 7, but it never felt like I couldn’t keep going. My goal was to finish without further damage to the area. Mission complete.

I was very happy it was only 13 miles for two reasons. The first being I probably would have injured myself more if it was too much longer, the second being how tired I felt. I remember telling Brian right before the start that I could have fallen asleep standing right there. Once the race got going I felt pretty good.

Actually, around mile 8, I felt sad that I only had 5 miles left because I knew I wouldn’t be running for a while. When I finished, I was happy because I know it’s time to rest. I need to rest. In doubt, rest.

My plan for the next few weeks is to make sure my Achilles is completely solid before running again. Even if it is, I don’t really have plans to run at all actually. I am exhausted. I feel like I have run a marathon. I need that level of rest right now.

I got my results from Inside Tracker today and have not analyzed them yet, but will do so and make adjustments accordingly.

Right now I am focusing on being an  effective manager for Strong Hearts and just chilling. It sounds super lax and whatever, but that exactly what I need right now. I don’t have goals like meditate everyday or read a million books. I don’t want to do anything really like that. For now, I’m just taking some time off of focus.

Work, school, rest, eat. Rinse and repeat.

16 thoughts on “Flower City Recap and Rest”

  1. I’m glad you’re focusing on just being the best manager you can be and resting right now; it sounds like your body was saying to rest after the race last week. Now you have the mission to rest! 🙂

  2. Working and managing a thriving cafe does absolutely not sound lax or chill. It is such hard work – mentally and physically – but the fact that you enjoy it means it is also fulfilling. I’m excited for you and rest to get well acquainted. You may have some disputes, like any roommates or siblings, but you’ll come out respecting each other.

  3. It feels so good to take things off your plate from time to time and just relax (as much as you can with work and school!). I hope you enjoy your rest!

  4. As you know, I can so relate to this right now and I think it’s great you are just resting – no meditation, no book reading, no yoga – just rest and repeat. Looking forward to seeing how you love it…or hate it…or both. Also looking forward to seeing those InsideTracker results as they are SO telling.
    Thank you for all your support. I truly appreciate it.

  5. Still an awesome time! I ran a half last weekend too and it wasn’t a PR, I could use a break to mix up with more cross training and trail running and not focus on training. Great pic and so awesome to support the team. It’s important to listen to our bodies and throttle back at times.

  6. You time is amazing, even with taking is “easy.” I’m proud of you for listening to your body with the test of this race. You go Glen Coco!

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