My First Van Trip

Going down to Maryland for JFK meant I also got to spend the weekend in my van. I was mostly prepared for it, meaning it was a test trip and I would learn more of what I needed and what I don’t as I went.

I did not need a stove or heating for this excursion because it was warm enough down there to sleep in my sleeping bag and use a bit of the car heat before I went to bed. I didn’t plan on cooking and brought my standard peanut butter and jelly for my meals the day before and morning of.

I was most nervous about the bathroom situation, because I go frequently and often during the night. I bought an RV porta-potty and decided I would see if I needed it. Before this, I had gotten a bucket and biodegradable bags, which I planned to go in if I couldn’t go outside during the night. This ended up being what I used. I am good at getting into the correct position so going over a bucket wasn’t an issue. I simply then tied up the bag and put it in another bag outside, which I then disposed of the next day. I also had odor eliminator in the van and had no problems.

The only thing I need to work on is being more comfortable changing the bed and chair position. It would have been much easier to eat from my passenger side chair swinging around than on the floor from where I did. I also could just move the bed up, but it was late, dark and I just wanted to not screw anything up and not have a bed. I wanted to sleep before the race, and I was able to do that.

Overall, I had a good experience going down there. When I woke up, I would turn on the heat to warm the van while I got ready. I ate breakfast in there before the race, but on the morning after the race, I was on a mission to find biscuits so that happened.

When I get more things in there I will need to be conscious of things moving around. That did happen a bit but I wasn’t too concerned as it was sleeping bags and such. As I sleep in it more, I will learn what I need.

Any questions about van life?

11 thoughts on “My First Van Trip”

  1. You are seriously so brave to live in a van; I love a more minimalistic approach, but you are going all in, and it’s so impressive Ellie; I have absolutely loved seeing you share about equipping/outfitting your van for living in it. 🙂

    1. I did! My bed was super comfy and I got sleep. It also was pretty good temperature there. I am actually replacing the bed soon to get something that uses the space better. I guess I am a vagrant now 😉

  2. This is literally GOALS for me. I daydream of living in a van, or something similar and traveling out of it!! We are legit so similar ahahaha. I can’t wait to read more about your vanlife.

  3. This is so fun and interesting to me! I want to hear more about your van as you take more trips, add things, and figure out how you like things set up!

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