First night without heat!

I slept so much better last night. Honestly the first half of yesterday was terrible. I felt weak, nervous for the race this weekend and like I was broken. Reoccurring feelings of brokenness is something I need to meditate on and explore. But I’ll do that at some other point.

My mood finally started to pick up halfway through work yesterday. It was busy, but I felt confident that even with out short handed staff we could accomplish everything. I really appreciate what my coworkers do for my mind and emotions. Simply by being here with them I felt better.

I don’t believe I am a person who can work totally from home. If I was alone all day yesterday, I doubt my mood would have shifted. I also got my paperwork for the gynecologist in the mail, so I will have an appointment next Wednesday. I will get my situation down there figured out. I’m done with WebMD for now haha

I survived my first night without heat!!! I am trying to see how it will go next week when I don’t have electric hookups and if my solar isn’t as powerful to run a space heater. I used my mummy sleeping bag and blankets. I slept well. Thank the Lord. The hardest part is getting out and putting on cold clothes. But that’s only bad for a second or two.

Sleep, eat and don’t worry. Those are my goals this week. I’m eating my safe foods (oatmeal, peanut butter, banana, sourdough bread, scones and chocolate) and not doing too much.

Breakfast: Pb and butter on sourdough

Running: REST

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