Feeding My Inner Beast: The Beyond Meat Beast Burger

You know my feelings on fake meats. Usually I leave them. I would just rather have a bowl of rice and beans.

It’s funny because I haven’t eaten meat in almost 5 years (I was vegetarian before vegan) but I always thought I would be able to remember what it tasted like. The other day, I was making someone a turkey sandwich at work and for the life of me, I could not remember what turkey tasted like. I even like, tried to remember.

But nope…nada…zilch.

I can’t remember what the most frequently eaten sandwich for 18 years of my life tasted like.

I even asked my coworker to describe it. And she was like “um…it’s kind of…bland…like I don’t know, there’s not much flavor.”

Hmm…guess I’m not missing anything.

Anywho, back to the Beast burger!

I was really excited to have this, simply because I’ve watched my friend Chris (The Vegan Zombie) explore the Vegan Beer Festival these past few weeks and try all the amazing vegan food. I was living through his YouTube Channel for a few days before realizing that duh, I could make those things too.

What is Beyond Meat? Its a game changer.

beyond meat

The Beyond Meat team believes there are better ways to feed the planet. They believe that plant based, whole food nutrition not only leads to healthier people, but a healthier planet.

Beyond Meat resolves to:

Reduce Animal Harm

Improve Human Health

Positively Impact Climate Change

Address Global Resource Constraints

They want people to still enjoy the flavors and textures from meat products, but do so in a healthier, kinder and more sustainable way. I can totally get behind that!

I just had to try them out. Even if you’re someone like me who can pass meat and give it the stink eye, the novelty and awe factor was just too great to pass up.

What is the Beast Burger? 23 grams of pea protein and veggies.

That is it folks. Just veggies.

What do you get in each package? Two frozen meatless patties that are hard to distinguish from beef.

Honestly, my coworker’s and roommate were impressed with the resemblance.

How do you cook it? 6-8 minutes per side, starting from frozen.

There is no defrosting necessary, which was great for me because I literally had 20 minutes to make this patty before work. I work well in time constraints haha.

And the most important part: How did it taste?

Well folks this is a loaded question. Quite honestly, I thought it was delicious and would eat it again. I was a bit out off by how real it seemed, but my coworker’s and roommate loved that. The burger I made had all the fixings from what I remember from my last hamburger. Mustard, onions, tomato, lettuce, cheese and I added sprouts. I used a Rosemary salt bagel as the bun because I am not a fan of the multigrain rolls we have at work. Go big or or home kids.


It was very reminiscent of my burger days, and after I got over of how much it reminded me of an actual cow, I loved it! It has the mouth feel of a burger, pretty tender texture and holds up to a bagel bun and toppings really well. I was a happy eater 🙂

Just another indicator or delicious: when I want to take a nap after a meal and rub my tummy because it’s happy, that means lunch was good. After the Beast, I wanted to take a nap to relish in the awesome nutritious burger I just consumed. My next post race day meal will have to include this innovative burger!

Bonus: my coworker’s want to try it!

Would I recommend it? Of course!

I think that even if you’re sqimish around fake meats like me, it’s worth a go. It’s just really that good folks! For people who simply “cannot give up the meats,” this is a God send. There is honestly no excuse not to try this.

What has always boggles my mind is why, when there are so many wonderful foods that provide the same satisfaction as meat, people still eat it. The innovations at Beyond Meat are changing that.

Check out their website and sign up for their email list! Most months have a free voucher or coupon so you can try it yourself. Plant based eating is the future. Beyond Meat makes that transition a bit more easy.

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Have you ever tried Beyond Meat?

Want a free voucher? Leave a comment and I’ll pick one reader and send them some coupons!

16 thoughts on “Feeding My Inner Beast: The Beyond Meat Beast Burger”

  1. I would LOVE to try one of those, because I think that I could be a vegetarian/vegan, because I love vegetables. I’ve never tried Beyond Meat, but I think the world of vegan is growing and definitely debunking the myth that you can’t get enough protein without meat.

    1. They totally are! Most people get too much protein, but we’re still stuck in the WW2 years of people not getting enough. It’s really silly that health science has not caught up yet. Protein is important, but you can’t store it, so getting more than enough is pointless. This burger has the right amount and all clean, cruelty free and healthy sources. I hope you try it Em <3

  2. Oh man, this looks and sounds good! While I’m not vegan, I am always looking for other meat-free options for protein and such. I like meat somedays, but I could probably live without it. Unless it’s summer, then my cravings for all things BBQ go crazy!

  3. while i am a red meat eater, i do love a good veggie burger from time to time. i love me a good black bean and beet burger. this burger sounds great, and im super pumped they sell them in my local whole foods! i will definitely be trying them out!

    1. It was something I didn’t know I wanted truth be told. I don’t crave meat or anything, but I did feel nostalgic after this experience. It reminded me of summer picnics and good times when I was young.

  4. So interesting! I keep seeing their products at Publix (our grocery store) but am hesitant to try. My husband really needs to cut down on his meat consumption – I wonder if he could tell the difference?!

  5. Yummmm. I’m pretty excited for you that you got in a “reealll” burger after quite the hiatus. Extra glad that you enjoyed it! And holy amazing call on the bagel choice – that combo sounds incredible.

    1. The rosemary salt bagel is indeed fantastic. It made the burger complete 🙂 It is especially good with toffutti cream cheese and strawberry jelly.

    1. I encourage you to try it Kristy. It is very good. That is kind of strange actually. We have chocolate cupcakes at work that happen to be vegan and a woman today was going to buy one, and then she noticed they were vegan and was like “do you have any regular?” and all I could think was “WHY?! What’s wrong with cruelty free cupcakes?!”

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