My Favorite Products For Spring 2017

This is a long overdue post. I love reading about products people use in the real world. What actually works, what tastes good and why they like them. This list contains the products I’ve been excited about the most this Spring.

Run Gum

I can’t advocate this product enough. I love both the flavor and caffeine hit. It goes down easy and seriously works! I’ve not only used it for long runs, but speed workouts or mid week medium length runs when I am a bit tired. Try this product out!

Nikki’s Coconut Butter

I’ve made no secret that Nikki makes some bomb coconut butter. She sent me a few jars a month or so ago and it had replaced Earth Balance or peanut butter on my waffles. It’s subtly sweet, but really hearty. I melt it in the microwave and pour it over my waffles or top my oats with it and breakfast is sent to flavortown! I recently heard about a recipe that stirs it into coffee? Has anyone tried this? I don’t drink coffee at home, so I have not entered that realm, but it sounds amazing!

Sensa Wireless Headphones

I needed a replacement for my wireless headphones that I lost at the 50 miler. Amazon had a deal, so I grabbed these headphones hoping they were as good as my old ones. I wouldn’t say they are as good, but they do the job and work for what I need right now. They have good sound and stay in. I don’t have any complaints as they were a quarter of the price of my last pair.

Soda Stream

Last year, a friend introduced me to sparkling water. At first, I was less than impressed. Expensive water with bubbles? Pass. I’ll take my water on tap (see what I did there?). However, I noticed that when I drank the sparkling water, it stayed with me and actually hydrated me. Sometimes when I drink plain water, I just pee it out, which is both inconvenient and not hydrating. Well, sparkling water did the hydration job but I did not want to pay for it. Enter, the Soda Stream! You make your own sparkling water at home using a CO2 canister and appropriate bottle. I have been loving mine and actually feel hydrated. I enjoy the plain, but they have a large selection of flavors to choose from if you want actual soda or flavored water.

Barney Butter

I was selected as a Barney Butter Ambassador again for 2017. I really enjoyed being a part of the team last year because, well, they make a darn good product! I am really excited to share some recipes and do a couple giveaways for my blog and Instagram this year! They have a new product I am really excited about, DIP CUPS! Yup, almond butter in a cup! I like this more than the snack packs from other companies because it’s easier to get the almond butter out and you don’t have to massage the packet either! They also have almond flour and almond meal which I have been experimenting as a coating for tofu. Stay tuned!

Orgain Protein Powder

I found this new way to extend the amount of servings of oatmeal I get when I fill my oat bag (yup it’s a bag). Instead of a half cup serving of oats, some days I will do a 1/4 cup serving and then add a scoop of protein powder. It is just as filling and makes me oats last longer. I was sent Orgain to try and love the taste and texture. It adds a slightly sweet flavor to the oats, so I usually use a plain nut or PB on top. I like that it’s not as chalky as Vega, but thicker than Plant Fusion, the two other protein powders I’ve used.

Well that’s it! Have you all tried any of these? What are you most excited about for Spring?

17 thoughts on “My Favorite Products For Spring 2017”

    1. It is so good on oatmeal and waffles! I would probably eat it by the spoonful except it solidifies at room temp so I have to microwave it for 30 seconds before I spoon it onto my breakfast 🙂

  1. I really would love to try Nikki’s coconut butter, and I think Orgain is the vegan protein powder that sounds the best to me out of all of them! Lately I’ve really been loving a scoop of Georgia Grinder’s salted maple caramel almond butter on SO many things.

  2. Great list, I’ve been thinking about wireless headphones and get regular shipments of Orgain Plant Based protein powder from Amazon. I am excited about finding new compression running shorts with phone pockets for summer running.

  3. Yay for spring! I love these types of posts. I always feel like I learn about all kinds of new (to me) products and gadgets!

    I used to have a soda stream and I think I gave it to my brother. You made me miss it big time when I read this post, haha. Those things are the coolest!

  4. I need to get on that coconut butter! I tend to just make mine at home but that brand looks incredible! Also I love me some Barney Butter!!

  5. I love Orgain protein powder! It’s my favorite and I like the plant-based aspect as well as the extra fiber content. I love blending it with ice, milk (can use plant based) and a shot of cold brew coffee concentrate. It is like a protein frappucino.

  6. Gah I need that coconut butter. I want it melted over everything I own. That is all.

    Actually no that’s not all. I’ve gotten super into carbonated water just since last year (I’ve always hated pop, but somehow carbonated water is less overpowering to me) and I agree…it stays with me longer and I find it a lot more refreshing. I’ve never heard of this little contraption though. I need to look into that. And I hate those little squeeze peanut butter packs. I sit in public with my tongue stuck all the way inside it determined to get it all. I will NOT WASTE A CRUMB.

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