My Favorite Cheese Sauce

When I went vegan, I really didn’t miss cheese that much. Honestly, the last thing to go for me was yogurt and I sort of just stopped buying it. Same with cheese, I ate what I had (I don’t waste) and then just stopped giving the dairy industry my money (directly, indirectly I guess by being American I still do, but I digress)

Anyway, I do enjoy vegan cheese when it is offered. When I’m out at restaurants, with friends or if someone offers me some, I won’t say no.

Let’s get real though, vegan cheese can get expensive. It also has a lot of ingredients I don’t recognize. I love processed food as much as anyone, but being an athlete and taking my health into consideration, I probably shouldn’t indulge too often.

Lucky for me, I came across tons of cheese sauce recipes that have made plant based eating easy when I do want some of that hearty yellow goodness. After making them for a while, I started to experiment with making my own.

I wanted something with a bit of tang, not too much kick and holds onto whatever I choose to put it on. I also wanted something more “single-person” sized. I don’t need a gallon of cheese sauce, no matter how good it is, I will get tired of it.

This recipe makes 1.5-2 cups worth depending on the size of your veggies. It is customizable depending on what spices you like or what veggies you have.


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Make this sauce and enjoy!

Epic Vegan Cheese Sauce

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Prep: Cook: Yield: 1.5 cupsTotal:

You'll Need...

  • 1 medium potato (approx. 1 cup) cubed
  • 5 baby carrots (or 1/2 carrot diced)
  • 1/4 cup nutritional yeast
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 t chili powder
  • 1/2 t garlic powder
  • 1/2 t onion powder
  • 1 t salt
  • 1 T soy sauce
  • 1 t lemon juice
  • 1 t tumeric
  • 2 t mustard (optional)


  1. In a small pot of water, bring the potatoes and carrots to a boil. Cook until tender (about 10 minutes). Drain and pour into a food processor or blender. Add all the other ingredients into the blender and process until smooth. Serve immediately or store in the fridge up to a week.

Note: Instead of using a carrot and a potato, you might also use butternut squash or pumpkin. 1 cup of each is a good substitute. Adjust your seasonings according to your preference.

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29 thoughts on “My Favorite Cheese Sauce”

  1. I’m actually not crazy about cheese either. (I have to be careful about who I said that around.) I do love the taste of nutritional yeast though, and creamy sauces are always a win. This recipe looks super. So many vegan cheese recipes call for cashews, which I rarely have on hand, so I’m excited to see a recipe with ingredients I almost always have. Can’t wait to try it!!

  2. Oooh I like this!! I once made vegan cashew cheese and it was so bad. I don’t understand how so many people love that stuff, maybe I made it wrong?? But anyways, I’ve avoided vegan cheese since that incident haha. All these ingredients sound good though! I bought a giant container of nutritional yeast the other day sooo I’m going to try this!

  3. Cheese is the one thing holding me back from being vegan. BUT I know it’s awful for me. But like you mentioned, vegan cheese is so horrifically processed that I almost feel like dairy cheese is healthier.

    I’m going to try your sauce. Maybe it’s time for a change! It would help my inflammation immensely. #goodbyealldeliciousfoods

  4. Yummmmm I am LOVING the ingredients. I’ve seen this type of cheese sauce using potato and veggies before but it always looks intimidating. Yours seems more simplified and cora-proof. Awesome!

  5. Whoa! What an interesting recipe for “cheese” ! I have seen all these vegan cheeses at the store and they sort of scare me… And I think “check out that bloat bomb” haha! But this recipe here includes ingredients that won’t screw up your stomach!

    1. Some of the ingredient lists are SO LONG! And my non-vegan friends ask what’s in stuff and I sort of deflect the question because HELL IF I KNOW! Potatoes and carrots though, that they can get behind 🙂

  6. I have the same issues with vegan cheeses in grocery stores! They are crazy expensive, and I have no clue what’s in them. I love that your recipe is simple and it looks delicious!

  7. Ellie, what are a few of your favorite ways to use this sauce? I’m pretty new to veganism and so far I haven’t missed cheese. But I’m sure that day will come, and your recipe looks great (I’m allergic to cashews, which so many recipes rely on). Plus I’m looking for recipes that I can make for both me and my vegetarian boyfriend, and I think this could be a good one for both of us. Thanks!!

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