Fake Meats? [WIAW]

Starting back running this week has been fun. I’ve ran with friends for all of my runs, all are at an easy pace and I am truly enjoying this weather. I haven’t really noticed a change in the quantity of food I usually eat, even though last week I didn’t train at all. I have definitely relaxed my standards for meals because I’m not training. Whole foods are important, but the fake stuff just tastes good sometimes you know?

My thoughts on vegan substitutes for meat products vary considerably. I cannot form a consensus mostly because they are delicious sometimes, and other times they freak me out. I love seitan even though it is supposed to be a deli meat substitute because it tastes nothing like meat and hits my sweet yet savory craving. I’m not a huge fan or fake chicken because it looks like chicken, which is still a dead animal. Meatless crumbles or TVP is hit or miss. Sometimes it’s great, other times I pass.

Veggie burgers that don’t resemble meat burgers are a favorite, though I will be trying Beyond Meat’s Beast Burger soon and have been told it tastes like the real deal. I don’t miss meat, so I’m trying it purely for the wow factor.

In my experience, the flavors that I enjoyed on meat products (buffalo wings, BBQ, smoke taste) are really good in vegan products and I don’t want the meat. For example, in Buffalo I had buffaloed tofu which was SO GOOD and gave me the flavor I wanted, but did not resemble a dead animal. It was perfect. I enjoy the way I can add liquid smoke to mushrooms or coconut and get a crispy product similar to bacon, without feeling like I’m eating bacon. I like the shape of a veggie burger, but appreciate that is does not remind me of a beef burger.

I guess it’s a texture/dead flesh thing.

Today I am linking up with ArmanLaura, and Jen for What I ate Wednesday so showcase a day of eats from last week, when I was not actively running or working out.

Breakfast: oatmeal mixed with banana, Philosophie Superfoods Green Dream powder, pecans, dried blueberries and Philosophie coconut butter. Apple on the side.


Lunch: seitan, avocado, hummus, spinach, tomato and Dijon on sourdough bread. Fruit soup on the side.


Dinner: Rocky road banana ice cream with aquafaba whipped cream, banana chips and a bowl of greens


I’ve been trying to drink more water throughout the day, which is a challenge for me because I always go for juice or coffee. Water makes me feel the best, but I forget about it. This weeks goal is more water, all the time.

What is your stance on vegan meats?

How do you get in more water?

12 thoughts on “Fake Meats? [WIAW]”

  1. Nooooo to fake meats. For one they freak me out. The texture, the look, the smell….I just haven’t had a very good experience with them. The market sure does well with them though! Sometimes I almost give in to trying different brands and what not – the marketing makes them look and sound good! In the end though I eat with my eyes and the look freaks me out haha

  2. Awesome about getting back into running! I go back and forth on fake meats, the concept seems little off for ethical vegans, but they can be a fun way to mix up protein sources. I do tend to have them with hubby and when eating out, but the realistic ones do freak me about a bit.

    Carrying a Klean Kanteen bottle that I can fill up at public water fountains has helped me drink a lot more water and save money. And we pretty much always need to have water on hand in the dry heat here.

  3. I guess I would say fake meats, because of all their ingredients, would not be something I would eat, but I would eat veggie burgers and tofu, because I LOVE both. Veggie burgers often have more flavor than a beef burger. And your rocky road icecream? That needs to be sold in an ice cream aisle!

  4. I’m always trying to get more water in, it’s a struggle. I make myself drink some with every meal and finish my water bottle before I do anything else. I haven’t tried seitan yet – I’m a tempeh and tofu lover though!

  5. Yeah, I’ve never been one for “fake meat” products. I really really love my tofu and tempeh, but I just accept that it is NOT meat and want it to look like what it actually is… not meat. That being said, both can be prepared so they give you the same tastes as a meat would (like you said – adding liquid smoke is GOLD) so I love doing this. But I don’t need to trick my eyes to make them think they are eating bologna or chicken nuggets, ya know? Plus a lot of those faux meat products have longer ingredient lists than most other things and I have no idea what is really in them. Love a good veggie burger though. This is something that can always give you the “meat” feel without being anything really close to it.
    PS that dinner man. You made aquafaba whip! Jealous. How was it?

    1. I wonder what is more effective for vegan activism, creating whole different foods that are completely plant based (like macro bowls etc) or fake meat products. What do you think?
      I loved aquafaba! I have more chickpea liquid in my fridge and just need to whip it up. It makes me feel fancy.

  6. Not a fan of fake meats! I would much rather just have a veggie burger or tofu, or chickpeas or beans for some protein! I get in more water by carrying a big reusable water bottle around with me throughout the day!

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