Ellie Eats Ithaca #2

Gorgers Taco Shack

I’d heard that if I go to Gorgers, I have to get the Blueberry BBQ sauce. On anything. Why go against solid BBQ sauce advice? I was the only person in the shop, as it had dumped a bunch of snow on us that morning. The guys working were very friendly and my burrito was made quickly. I have to rave about the wrapping of the burrito. It was perfect. Seriously perfect burrito roll. I am a stickler for that, because a successful burrito keeps its ingredients inside. The burrito was also covered in tin foil, another necessity, so you can unwrap as you go.

The burrito itself was very good. Nice flavor, equal ingredient distribution. I’d have like a bit more sauce on the side to dip. Not inside, because then you risk a wet burrito. I got the blueberry BBQ vegetarian burrito with rice and beans and no sour cream. It also had lettuce, tomatoes and pepper jack cheese. Everything worked together well. I left full.

Nikki Green

I’ve been here three times since it opened less than a month ago. I really like it, it just has foods I feel good eating and are also delicious. Nikki Green is the second vegan restaurant in Ithaca. While Ten Forward is more comfort vegan food, Nikki Green is a bit more healthy, but just as delicious. The first time I went I got the Tangi bowl, rice topped with tofu, broccoli, ginger, green peas, sesame seeds and a turmeric dressing. I got a small size, and it was actually enough! I was so surprised, but they did it correctly. The only off putting thing was the big hunks of ginger. I ate one and immediately regretted it. But since they were on there, I just didn’t eat them. They didn’t add to the dish, so many it was a garnish?

The second time I went I got the Nuttin’ But Nuts bowl. It is a peanut butter and banana creamy base topped with cashew cream, macadamia nuts and cacao nibs. I was in heaven, that’s all I can say. Just read the ingredients and you know this was my jam. Everything was perfect. The base was thick, the toppings were perfect. I could eat this everyday.

The third time I went I got the chocoholic bowl. A chocolate and banana base topped with chocolate sauce, cacao nibs and granola. Another great choice. It just tasted so good! I have a hard time not going more, but I’ve got all of Ithaca to eat so…

Sammy’s Pizzaria

Sammy’s was what you expect a pizza place to be or, what you hope it will be. A few customers, great pizza, and a nice staff. I got the white garlic pizza topped with ricotta and mozzarella and tons of garlic. It wasn’t too salty or greasy. The pizza is just the way I like it, thin and foldable and huge slices. The bottom was crispy and not burned and it came out wonderfully melted. I also got another free slice for reviewing them on yelp, so I cannot hate on that!

Ithaca Coffee Company

I must confess all I got here was a scone and I had to take it to go so I didn’t truly immerse myself in the environment. The scone was good. It was cinnamon chip, and had some crunch on the outside. I cannot rave about it because I’ve had better scones in Ithaca. The shop was really cute and I will go back for lunch someday, but I wasn’t blown away this time. The guy also said their most popular scone, the chocolate raspberry, was sold out. Next time!

Press Bay Cafe

I had never been over to Press Bay Alley outside of once when the Star Truck was there. Press Bay Cafe is a hipster coffee shop. It has a small menu, and does one thing well. I got the vanilla maca latte, in decaf. It was actually very good! For great coffee drinks (not just drip) I would recommend it. Would I go there everyday? No, because I really only like drip coffee, but I wanted to try it. Great vibe, quiet, just not my style.

Almost done with my third post! I’m making my way through Ithaca and it’s delicious 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ellie Eats Ithaca #2”

  1. This is incredibly fun watching you eat Ithaca. I LOVE the size of that pizza slice, and the Nuttin but Nuts place sounds like my kind of place. I love lots of nuts.

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