Eating enough continues in off season too

The first few days of off season are kind of weird. I’m still sore from the bit of racing I did do and I know it takes a while for the cumulative fatigue to sort itself out. I have been training since December 1st. Its been fun, but also, time to rest.

I am keeping myself from looking ahead too much. Mostly I relish in the fact that I can do whatever I want to do next. There’s no timeline. There’s no expectation. I don’t have a race, so there’s no pressure to heal quickly and get back to it.

Mostly, I miss just getting out there and running. However, it’ll come back. It’s actually lucky my foot is sore because it reminds me not to come back too quickly. It reminds me that rest is productive and good. I love running and it will be there when I am ready.

Thankfully I am still able to walk and cycle easily, so this soreness only effects the area of my life I am avoiding right now. My morning walks have been nice and pretty. That is taking the place of training and it’s a solid stand in. I sweat more at work than I do outside. Keeping my HR down and all that. Off season. A break.

As most people ask, yes my meals and snacks are the same, maybe less nutritious but still the same quantity. I still talk and ramble on my IG stories. It’s fun and I’m not Ellie the runner, I’m just Ellie doing my thing.

It’s funny though, I am never super strict with my meals. I do my best to eat well, but also eat what I want. After races, I used to want to eat all the sugary stuff that isn’t bad, but also just not something I have everyday. I used to be my tradition to eat a pint of ice cream the night of every race. I don’t do that anymore. I don’t really have a reason, except that the food I crave is the food I normally eat. Meaning, after races I don’t really want to go on a bender. Sure, I’ll take it if it’s offered and it tastes good, but I know what makes my body feel good…and that Friends is simply eating enough.

That’s it. I eat enough, relatively the same amount whether training or not. I think that’s the key for me. It’s not looking forward to a certain type of thing (although if I wanted it I’d have it), it’s continuing my daily amount of calories. I’d guess I get 3,000-4,000 a day, and it works for me. Eating enough and feeling satisfied with my food is honestly better than any one special food.

Mic drop.

3 thoughts on “Eating enough continues in off season too”

  1. Amen to rest being productive! I love that you still keep your eating up during the off season! I’m sure that your body is thankful for the fuel! GO GIRL!

  2. Very insightful things here. Things that have probably taken a while to learn or figure out – what feels good in your body etc. It’s totally true. Simply eating enOUGH is really the biggest and most important factor that dictates how you feel. If I don’t eat enough – regardless if what I DID eat was nutritious nut butters and chia seeds and yogurt and kale – I will not feel at my best. And that is always going to a unique and personal thing that each person has to figure out for themselves.

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