How I Eat Cheap Everyday

I love food and I love to eat. 

I also am on a budget and although I do get a free meal from work, I like to cook some things myself. My mother taught me how to spend frugally and get the most bang for my buck. Watching her cook for us when I was young showed me how to make delicious, simple food.

When I went vegan, I ate tons of peanut butter and jelly. I still do this, but I also know how to cook which I am proud to say I now eat more nutritiously.

At the end of the day, I eat essentially similar things and use spices or sauces to change it up. However, if I am being honest, I could eat the same thing every day.

Breakfast: grain (with milk)+peanut butter, fruit

examples of grains: oatmeal, cornflakes, mini-wheats, raisin bran, bagels, bread, WAFFLES

Lunch: Salad/Sandwich, pickle/chips

example salad: bead of spinach or lettuce, tofu or beans, sprouts, tomatoes, peas, dressing

example sandwich: ciabatta bread, seitan/hummus, lettuce, tomato, cheese/avocado, onions

Dinner: Grain+bean+sauce, steamed veggies 

example: white rice, chick peas, tahini/avocado salsa/sauce (flavored with nutritional yeast, s/p)

Snack: granola bar+peanut butter

There are a few things I do not do, which is simply because I just haven’t added them into my budget. The pros of these things aren’t there for me:

Superfoods (I use protein powder very sparingly and it was sent to me)

Organic (I think eating fresh fruits and veggies is important, if I find myself in a financially enough secure position, I will buy organic, but right now I’m not concerned)

Out of Season Produce (no.)

Zoodles (not enough calories for the amount they cost)

Gluten-free (I am not celiac, and often these products are more expensive, so I choose not to buy them)

Cauliflower rice (I prefer my white rice just fine, and again, not enough calories for me)

Now, saying that I do not buy these things regularly does not mean I will not eat them nor never buy them. I am not black and white with foods as long as they’re vegan. For example, if I go to a cafe or restaurant and they put maca powder or spirulina in my smoothie, I will gladly take it. I also am always up for trying different kinds of pasta like black bean or chickpea, but I do not buy them frequently.

I have a few resources for all those people who want to start making some of their own food, but also mind their budget:

No Meat Athlete 5 Sauce System <—I USE THIS SO MUCH!

Healthy Eating On A Budget

16 Affordable Vegan Finds at Aldis

16 thoughts on “How I Eat Cheap Everyday”

  1. I love how you eat healthy and wholesome on a budget with such simplicity Ellie; I love that you’re able to just sift through and figure out which foods work best for you that are cheap and wholesome.

  2. What a great resource! I try to keep things simple too. I find that simple is often faster when you’re busy during the weeknight and simple tends to be an easy way to keep things healthy for me too!
    I love roasted eggplant in my sandwiches!

  3. Thankfully I’m a pretty basi kind of girl, so my food budget is fairly low. It’s only when I splurge on the “gluten-free” labeled stuff that the prices go up, which is why I try to make most of it at home!!

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