Dug my own grave on this one

For those of you with multiple jobs, you know how it can be to balance the both of them. It gets complicated, especially when on of them is the type you can do from anywhere.

Yesterday I wrote an email to my boss outlining what I wanted to discuss in our weekly meeting (today, Saturday) and it included a few paragraphs about introducing some vegan options to the menu to reach a larger clientele.

I thought the email was good, so I sent it then went to work at CTB for the remainder of the day. Well, I went on break at CTB thinking I’m about to enjoy a nice lunch, when I have a few texts and emails from my bosses at Agava asking me to post immediately about a special dinner they are having THAT NIGHT which includes a completely vegan menu!

Now, I’m ecstatic about this, as it only took a few hours for them to hear what I was saying in the email, but I also kind of dug my own grave. So for my 30 minutes relaxing break, I busted out an IG, FB and Twitter post about a three course menu, while also highlighting a vegan menu option. The internet connection I was working with was terrible, so I’m in limbo half the time waiting for the thing to buffer and post, so that I can them boost and promote it.

Whew! I got it done, but shoveling my sandwich into my mouth while getting hummus all over my iPad wasn’t exactly how I envisioned my lunch.

This was my dinner, and oh so good! Seitan, tofutti, lettuce, sprouts, banana peppers and balsamic vinaigrette on a baguette with vegan chili 🙂

The good news is, my ideas were heard. Today while I man the desk at the gym, I plan to come up with some good vegan options and alternatives for us, which I will present at my meeting this afternoon.

I’m also meeting my friend Jay for lunch at Ten Forward. Jay is special to me not only because he’s an Ithaca vegan, but because I remember one conversation we had that sticks with me to this day. Being a runner and being vegan gives me a voice for animals that is unique. It’s something that could help a lot of people. I’m not sure how I can do that now, but I am happy to reconnect with him. He’s a great guy with some cute Boston terrier pets.

Breakfast: oatmeal with a chocolate bar and sunflower butter

Running: 87 minutes

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