A Day In The Life: November 2017

What do I do each day?

Asking myself that questions helps prevent me from taking on too much. I have a busy life, but it becomes so routine, I almost forget about it. It’s those times I reflect on my day-to-day life which reminds me of the things I do and gives me a sense of satisfaction when I wonder if I measure up.

Because what does that mean anyway? Who set the standard? Why are some people content with just being, taking up space and being quiet, when others are anxious and always looking for the next thing? I am much better with downtime, but also the greedy “you could do more” monster gets in my ear and I look for ways to do more.

It’s quite crazy because really that’s all it is, greed. Why do you have to do more? Why do you need to make more money? What is the real standard of living that you need? I’ve done a lot of thinking about the bare essentials I need to survive, and when I write it down, it’s not that much. All the other things do make me feel comfortable, but that is one zone I don’t want to be in too long.

Anyway, this is my day in the life, complete with food porn.

4:30AM – wake up and run

6:30AM – get to work and eat breakfast

7:00AM – begin work

11:00AM – eat lunch

3:30PM – end work and eat something, go to gym, get on the bike

4:30PM – walk home from the gym, shower, watch TV with Mark

6:00PM – eat dinner and read, work on the blog

7:30PM – eat dessert

8:00PM – listen to a podcast while I fall asleep

Anyone else a headlamp, early morning runner?

14 thoughts on “A Day In The Life: November 2017”

    1. It’s totally not a big deal and you for sure could! I’m not saying it’s for everyone. I think whatever time you want to or your schedule permits is the right time. No judgments here 🙂

  1. I like to run in the morning, but I have to confess that I’m not a headlamp early morning runner unless I have to be. I love that you mentioned that it’s easy to feel like you HAVE to do more, but it sounds like you have really full, good days Ellie, and you don’t have to add more.

  2. love these kinds of posts. you definitely are busy! but you structure your day so well. i love listening to podcasts before bed or early morning. love the message at the beginning of this post too <3

  3. I love to do things really early in the morning. That used to involve runs our walks or workouts. Lately I’m trying to put on and do a yoga video around 7:30 AM. No matter what it is it always feels good to move and do something soul-filling before your “day” really starts.

    1. That sounds great Cora. When I’m not running every morning I would foam roll and stretch to loosen up. I’m not so great at following a yoga video because I fall =P But gently working my muscles feels so good.

  4. I’ve never thought about listening to a Podcast while falling asleep! That’s a neat idea! Also, you are a champ for waking up so early every morning! Love that dessert!

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