It’s December 1st today, a cool 40 degrees and I’m feeling pretty fine. I am enjoying the holiday season as it should be, time spend with family and being grateful for 2017. Here’s what’s up πŸ™‚

Current Longing: MINISTRY

To go to church, or at least listen to a sermon. I have this draw to hear God’s word right now and I’m exploring what that means. I’ll admit, I am someone who prays and thanks God constantly, but I do not have a church nor do I do devotions (I used to but since I work mornings and that’s when I did it, I fell off that train). Anyone have a great sermon-like podcast I’d enjoy?

Current Book: The Shallows by Nicholas Carr

Book cover “What The Internet Is Doing To Our Brains THE SHALLOWS, author Nicholas Carr.

I have recently been interested in what the internet and being so connected all the time has done to my personal life. Granted, it has made it better in some ways, however I find myself in a space where I need to disconnect. I think it stems from spending more time with family, who I used to use FB and social media for, but now see regularly. I also just don’t want to be online so much. I don’t even know what I was looking at on Facebook, but it was not filling me up or making me better. Long story short, this book explains the history of communication technology and what ways the brains plasticity is affected by modern social media. I’m digging it.

Current Podcast: Bryan Fogal on Rich Roll

I am listening to this right now (as I work for my mom in her boutique) and have watched Bryan’s documentary Icarus on Netflix. I was engrossed in the story of state sponsored Russian doping and Rich’s interview goes a bit deeper into the whole story behind the documentary. I highly recommend both.

Current Need

In the grand scheme of life, I really need nothing. However my van needs insulated windows. I am getting solar panels put on it today (woot woot!) but I thought insulating the windows could be something my dad and I do together. They are also taking out the bed in the back because it was not functional for living, more weekending. I am looking forward to making the space more my own.

Current Blessing: My family

Thanksgiving was great and I feel so connected to my family right now. After years of feeling estranged (both imposed and wanted) I am happily at a place where I look forward to talking with them. Really guys, this will always be my blessing

Another Blessing: Recovery from JFK

I am feeling very good right now two weeks post 50 mile race. The first few days were rough as I wasn’t sleeping. I have since cut out caffeine and have been sleeping very well. I don’t think I had a problem with caffeine (I didn’t have withdraw symptoms) but I wanted to give myself every advantage to get quality sleep. I have ran a couple times this week, and I feel like things are working right.

Current Food: YOGURT

Weird right? I have no idea what it is but I have been all on the yogurt train for breakfast a few times this week. It all started when we got these yogurt and overnight oat parfaits at work. Before Thanksgiving a few were going to be tossed, so I took them, ate one and WOAH so good! Since then, a few mornings I’ve had my own version of the parfait and it’s been pretty tasty.

Tell me something currently up with you πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Currently Fall and Holidayz”

  1. I definitely need to read that book! So interesting!! And I’ve heard a lot of talk about the Rich Roll podcast so I will definitely be listening to that as well.
    I LOVE the picture of you in front of the van – hilarious!! And I really love how much you appreciate time with your family. There’s no substitute for that.

  2. love a good yogurt. also heard great things about that book- putting it on my list of must reads over the winter season. that pic of you in front of your van is total badass and i love it πŸ˜› happy monday girl!

  3. I love hearing about your hunger for God’s Word; that totally made my Monday morning. IT sounds like the Lord is igniting a hunger in your heart, a need for His Word! I love going to and finding sermons or YouTube. Lately I’ve been listening to Leonard Ravenhill, an English preacher (who isn’t alive anymore), David Wilkerson, and another one.

    I’m so glad you’re feeling much better post JFK. πŸ™‚ It’s amazing how the body repairs.

    I am always obsessed or in love with yogurt. I think I’ve realized that if I lived by myself I probably wouldn’t buy meat that much, if at all, but I really do love yogurt.

  4. OMG Ellie that photo of you in front of the truck is PRICELESS. I went to church yesterday or the first time in a while and I can say I agree with you about needing some worship/devotional in my life. It felt so good to hear God’s word.

  5. I just started going to church again two weeks ago after MANNYY months off. I was working Sunday’s, but finally requested them off because I wanted to make church a priority. I already feel gooooood being back.

  6. Insulated windows sounds like something that would be very important. Also sounds like it could be a great bonding project…

    PS That picture is everything.

    It’s great to hear you are feeling good now, as you’ve recovered from your 50 miler. Goes to show you know what your body needs, when.

    Currently up with me? Just feeling ansy about getting into a new routine and figuring out my priorities/how to spend my time.

  7. Lately I’ve been listening to the one verse devotional podcast and love it. It’s super quick (which fits with my current crazy schedule) but also the best way to start the day as I find myself meditating on those scriptures all day long.

  8. For podcasts, I like the The Village Church Sermons. Great stuff by Matt Chandler! Also, Rick Warren and Craig Groschel (could be misspelling his last name haha) have some good sermons as well.

    Yay for being close with your family! SO happy for you! I want to read more about your van and hopefully the insulated windows in the near future!!

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