The Crucial Element in Training

…is rest.

I find this concept so hard to grasp.

How can something so easy, so effortless, actually be a part of training? How can something you don’t actually have to work for actually make you stronger?

The concept makes sense to my brain scientifically, but emotionally I still find it hard to bear.

I’ve had to rest more than I’d like in the past week. It’s all a part of the master plan and I understand it, but it is the most challenging part of my routine. I like doing things. I like putting in effort and seeing the results soon after.

A new workout PR.

A nice sweat build up.

Anything that gets my endorphins up.

A nap is lack luster. Sure, when I am exhausted it feels good, but most times I force it. I do my best, but it’s hard when I can’t see the benefit right then. The benefit comes later, when your legs feel fresh in the next workout. The benefit comes when you feel ready to take on your stressful job instead of breaking down. The benefit comes when you have energy to not only run, but go out exploring later in the day.

Rest is like putting gas in the tank. You can’t immediately see what the gas is doing, but the nest time you turn the car on and it moves, you know you did the right thing.

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I will be doing a lot more resting in the next few weeks and I can tell you, it does get easier.

It’s ok not to red-line once or twice a week during a workout. It’s ok to be completely comfortable during your whole workout.

It’s putting wood on the fire.

It’s creating something epic.

Just wait for it. Rest is part of training.

15 thoughts on “The Crucial Element in Training”

  1. Well isn’t that a perfect metaphor. I haven’t really let myself think of this in that way. I also hate/find it really hard to do things without immediate benefit I can see. Therefore taking a nap if I didn’t NEED one at that moment, but rather to ensure energy and proper health in a more long term sense, would be really new to me. I am getting much much better at knowing I need ample rest days in order for my workouts to have benefit.

  2. This is so true! Rest is crucial in training. That’s when all the work starts to pay off because your body can begin to rebuild itself from all the hard work you put in! It’s important in life, too. Sometimes it is hard to just relax and take time to recoup, but I’m always glad when I do 🙂

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