Cold Brew Coffee and WIAW

Since going off sugar a month or so ago, I have really come to appreciate the flavor of coffee. I always said I liked it, and I did, but I thought it also needed to be sweet. Since getting off fake sugar, I’ve been putting just almond or soy milk in my morning brew. I have developed a new taste for dark brewed coffee, and my latest love, cold brew.

Cold brew coffee is a stronger, more concentrated form of the stuff. It has more caffiene, but is less acidic and has a smoother taste. I am a total decaf person, but the velvety texture of cold brew is really refreshing. The past couple mornings I’ve been switching from my iced decaf to the cold brew and can now say I appreciate good coffee.

I understand why people don’t like Dunkin’ coffee as much. Now, it tastes watery to me. I’ll take my coffee iced, and concentrated.

Something else I’ve wanted to try is nitro brewed coffee. My roommate has it at her work so I’ve been meaning to get over there to give it a go, but have failed to do so. Challenge: accepted.

Although my morning brew does not make an appearance in my WIAW, it is there each morning, iced usually and with milk. I’m linking up with ArmanLaura and Jen for a full day of eats.

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Be sure to check out yesterday’s post for a delicious ice cream recipe using COOKIE BUTTER!



Carrot waffle with almond butter, coconut butter and syrup. Apple on the side.



Chana Marsala with quinoa and salad.



We call this drink the Big Foot (iced hazelnut coffee, almond milk and chocolate)



Cashew cheesy quinoa with tomato sauce and pumpkin seeds, side of green beans.



Triple Layer dessert I made up and have yet to name.

Are you a fan of cold brew coffee?

How do you take you brew?

36 thoughts on “Cold Brew Coffee and WIAW”

  1. I have been having my coffee black since I was 14, I know I’m an odd ball haha. Your eats always look so good! I have had cold brew coffee a few times at Starbucks and it’s definitely stronger!

  2. These look like some delicious eats! And I can’t wait to hear about that dessert…
    I usually take my coffee black, so I definitely appreciate good coffee. I have to say that Starbucks black coffee has always left me disappointed, while Dunkin’s black coffee is actually smoother and tastier black. I can’t really speak on iced coffee or cold brew though. I’ve really been wanting to try cold brew, but until I figure out how to make it at home, I’m not having it because it’s so expensive to buy!

  3. I am also a complete decaf person. Caffeine makes my heart race and I get the total jitters. I can’t drink full-caffeine at all (I know decaf has a tiny bit). Whole Foods has some great decaf options for home brewing. Dunkin decaf tastes so gross to me ( I don’t know about their regular coffees ). A lot of places (including dunkin and starbucks) have just one decaf option and it is usually very unpredictable! I like it with coconut milk or almond milk.

      1. I think so too! I made need to take a road trip to visit that Vegan cafe you sometimes venture to. Also – how often do you have that sandwich from your work? It looks like some sort of fake meat? In another post you mentioned you got a customer to try it after he usually orders a turkey sandwich. I must say I like the fake meat and tempeh and tofu sometimes.

  4. Chana masala–that looks and sounds delicious! There are so many yummy vegetarian/vegan options in Indian cuisine!
    I never developed a taste for coffee, but I totally know what you mean about liking it plain. I’m the same way about tea. I first started drinking tea when I was 12, and I would load it up with two or three spoonfuls of sugar. 😛 Now, though, I don’t even like sweetened tea. I just like really strong, dark, rich tea with a splash of milk. 🙂

    1. I haven’t drank tea in a while. Not because I don’t like it, but I usually have it when I have a sore throat or a runny nose. I do like mate tea. Have you had that?

  5. You made up that triple layer dessert? That looks amazing!

    I don’t really like coffee, but I love the smell. And I think some cold brew coffee drinks can taste pretty good! :)) That carrot waffle looks delish? What’s in it?

    1. The carrot waffle is really simple, pick your favorite pancake or waffle mix, add in cinnamon and 1/3 cup of shredded carrot. Make into a waffle 🙂

  6. I’ve never had cold brew. I take hot coffee black. I used to add sugar to it a long time ago, but it got too sweet for me so I ditched it altogether.

  7. Nice job getting off the artificial sweeteners! It can be hard to do. I did that and still use some sugar in my coffee but what can I say. I loooooove hot coffee but for some reason hate iced– maybe I just haven’t tried the good stuff. I’ll drink hot coffee even if it’s 100 degrees out.

    1. Try freezing coffee in ice cube trays. Then put that in your iced coffee so it doesn’t get watery. (I don’t do this, but I’ve heard it works quite well)

  8. Mmmmm cold brew is something special. Technically it is stronger, but I find it so smooth that I don’t need to put anything in it at all. Its amazing how a 24 hour brewing time can smooth things out so much. I wish it were easier to do at home!
    Carrot waffle. Nommmm.

  9. I quit coffee 3 years ago and have never slept better! What is your salad dressing/veggie dip recipe? 🙂
    i love all of your vegan eats!

    1. Thanks Cel! The dip is BBQ sauce mixed with yellow mustard. Another one you may see is vegan plain yogurt, nutritional yeast and onion salt. That is my favorite!

  10. Well, you’d better name that amazing looking Triple Layer Dessert – let me know if you need help brainstorming 😉 – and share the secret with us soon. Also: cashew cheesy quinoa? I’m curious about that one, too. You know I fully approve of the generous amount of chickpeas here – yess.

    1. The cheesy quinoa was super easy! I made a simple cashew cheese in my blender and then melted it into some quinoa. Like mac and cheese…but grown up 😉

  11. I seriously want to try nitro-brewed coffee too! It sounds so neat! I’ve been meaning to make cold brew coffee, too. I saw Starbucks has pitcher packs, which seem super easy!

  12. I love greek yogurt! I like Fage plain with stevia and toppings. And btw, i love your blog layout! So pretty! I ve been making my own cold brew iced coffee this summer! It s stupid easy and makes starbux taste like dirty water..,. And less acidic than regular coffee so my tummy is happy. Love the fruit and nuts combo- snack of champions there!

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