Going back to Strong Hearts and my breakfast bin

Shorts and a tee this morning, I cannot hate on it. Now for light so I don’t need my headlamp! After yesterday’s much needed slog, my legs felt pretty recovered today. Still not at 100% but they will be soon. Taper is great.

Today I have the day off from CTB, and am meeting my coach for dinner at Strong Hearts! I am so excited! I have never really had a race strategy meeting, I mostly just do it, so this will be fun. Of course, I have a list of things to talk with him about that aren’t running, we are best friends after all 🙂

I went to Ten Forward Cafe twice last week. The first was when I had my aha moment and my first day recommitted as a vegan. I got the buffalo quesadilla that came with coleslaw. This is the best thing I’ve eaten in a while.

Then, on Monday, I was craving a scone (I’m back hard with those) and wanted to tell the owner Tammie that it was while sitting in her cafe that I recommitted. I always loved it when people told me they started thinking about the animals more or ate less meat because of me. She looked happy (albeit exhausted from pulling three double shifts. Maybe I should offer to help?)

Chocolate chip cherry scones oh my God. It was like a chordal cherry! I also love fun colored foods so…

He told me last night that he is being invited to speak at a Rochester Vegan meet-up about a documentary on vegan athletes. He is a pretty incredible runner, so I have no doubt he’ll nail it. He invited me to come watch, which I most definitely will do. The movie looks pretty great.

I slept so well last night. The temperature was perfect. I didn’t use my space heater and it was cool enough for blankets. I had a dream that the cops came a told me I couldn’t park my van where it was. That was frightening! I hope that never happens! I was able to eat dinner outside last night for a bit before it started to drizzle. I can’t wait for summer!

I saw this comic about almond butter a few days ago, and I couldn’t agree more 😛

I wanted to show my van kitchen. This is it. I have a bin of things to make oatmeal, then a plastic tub of Clifbars, Bad Ass Vegan cookies and a few miscellaneous fruit and nut bars. All my other food is from CTB or I treat myself to lunch on my days off. My breakfast bin contains quick cooking oats, maple syrup, cinnamon and a blend of chia/flax/wheat germ that I mixed together and add a quarter cup or so to my oatmeal. I then have two buckets, one of PB and one of sunflower butter on the floor (the 7lb ones I bought a month or two ago) which I put on top.

Breakfast: oatmeal with banana and peanut butter

Running: 70 minutes

Last long run, fully vegan

Yesterday I ran my last long run before my race in two weeks. It went well and I averaged a pace I would be happy to have at the race. Then almost immediately I went to work a very busy 8 hour shift. Don’t worry, I ate in between there. I didn’t sleep well and then had to open this morning. I’m a bit tired, but it’s only 2 in the afternoon now, so I might as well push through and sleep well tonight.

Tomorrow I have the day off. I have a dentist appointment, then I get dinner with my coach at Strong Hearts (yup, the one I worked at). I’m really excited!

I told both my sister and my parent’s that I intend to be vegan again. Of course there is hesitation, but it went better than I expected, so now I’m fully vegan when I’m with them or not. I couldn’t be more elated about my decision.

It was time. Vegan is the future and as my coach likes to say, he wants to be on the right side of history.

Breakfast: bagel with tofutti cream cheese and raspberry jalapeño jam

Running: Yesterday – 150 minutes, Today – 37 minutes

Doing my best, my vegan best

I was sitting at Waffle Frolic, about to eat my eggs Florentine waffle. I cut into the egg yolk, and I felt kind of sick. I started eating, and wondered what I was doing. My b12 levels are normal again. I still care for animals. Why am I eating this?

This was the culmination of what has been on my mind both during the day and in dreams at night. The pull, the remembrance, the feeling that I need to start doing the right thing.

What was stopping me? The ease. The convenience. How I didn’t have to think much. I never ate meat, but dairy is in everything. It’s so easy to just not care. Shrug my shoulders and say oh well, the universe is cyclical and I’m not killing anything directly.

My family does not accept it. My sister, who is my best friend, said she does not support me being vegan because it’s hard and a pain to spend time with me when they have to wonder what I can eat. I get it. When you don’t make the connection, which they don’t, they think humans are supposed to eat animals. That God put animals on earth for this purpose. I don’t believe that, but I cannot change their beliefs. They think I’m just being a difficult hippie. I also understand that I had a problem with food in high school. They thought that vegan was another one of those. They know I’m fine now, but still do not think highly of not eating certain foods for whatever reason.

Those are the obstacles that have been on my mind the past few weeks as I ponder trying to be vegan again. Why am I doing it?

Quite simply, I believe it is wrong to kill and hurt animals.

That’s my reason.

They won’t understand, so I will be ready for it.

I’m ready to try again. I want to be vegan again. Accept I cannot call myself as such, because, I will not be strict when I am with my family. These occasions are infrequent where I eat with them, and when I do, they get I don’t eat meat and milk. However I cannot be the strict lane reading vegan with them. Our relationship has come too far to do that. Maybe one day they will understand, but they are not ready.

So, I am two days strong being vegan. I will be vegan when I have control and choice. When it comes to family, I will do my best.

Breakfast: chocolate chip bagel with PB

Running: REST

Time to get SQUISHY!

This morning I completed my last fitness building workout before my next race. I know my body is ready to taper and then race. Sure, I love the grind of training, but I know it’s not sustainable long term. I build up to an event, I race the event, then I take a period of downtime. My body is telling me I’m reaching the point where if I continue to train in this way, I’ll break down.

Time to get SQUISHY!

Yesterday I was offered another job. Why do I have such a hard time saying no? I actually had my friend tell me this was a bad idea and now ay do I have the time for it. Just because a business needs help, does not mean it has to come from me. I love my current jobs, and do not want to change them. I have enough time to run and do some fun things. I am content. This business will find people who will work for them. I do not need to.

My apple has a butt!

Breakfast: oatmeal with sunflower butter, apple and coffee

Running: 70 minutes

NPR, Texas and I OWN MY CAR!

My coworker and I have started to narrate our night shifts at CTB like an NPR news story. It’s quite entertaining for us. Customers are a lot like animals! They have patterns, habits, quirks and things that just make us wonder. Anyway, this gets us through the last two hours of the shift that can be rather boring.

Today I took a rest day from running. It was needed as we’re getting close to race time. I can really only screw myself over at this point. I’m excited to get back out there!

I’ve started editing the Valentine’s Day videos and photos for Agava and I am so happy with all the content I got. I think I can make some great videos for us. Check out our FB, IG and Twitter if you’re interested.

My sister and I really need to start planning our trip to Texas. Even though we’ve got a few months, I want to hit the good spots. We’re driving, so many stops will be happening. I can’t wait to go!

Busy weekend ahead of me, but I’m content. I paid off my car this week, so I officially own her! It’s been a couple year process, but one loan down, two more to go! At least I don’t have interest to pay anymore. I don’t need to remember to send checks to a random bank every month. Do you know that in the 4 years I’ve been paying this loan, the bank has NEVER contacted me? Not once. This is weird…they said they had a bad address…but I lived at my apartment when I first got the car for a year and never got anything. Oh well, it’s over, the account is closed, I’m 4 grand poorer, but this was important to me. I’ve also got my tax return coming back at any time now so I’ll have a nice cushion once again soon.

Breakfast: oatmeal with peanut butter, banana and an apple

Running: REST