Your Life Does NOT Need a Disclaimer

When I go looking for different products to use, whether it’s running shoes, peanut butter or something as small as toothpaste, I like to see where the opinion of the person/blog/business I am asking is coming from.

Let me clarify, I want to know if the person telling me to buy Brooks running shoes is being sponsored by or affiliated with Brooks.

I want to know if the person telling me all the amazing things about a specialty $10 jar of peanut butter was given the product to sample and rave about.

Usually, there is a disclaimer towards the bottom or the side or a sponsors page (I have one too) letting others know their connection with said brand. Honestly, that doesn’t really have too big an influence on whether I buy the product, but I think transparency is important.

Our government should be so bold, but I digress.

On the flip side, where I think this transparency or disclaimer is not appropriate is in the context of people’s lives.

Again, let me clarify. I do not think giving your opinion about something, and then saying “but I am not the best at this so…” or “I am not an [insert expert here]”

I find people degrade their own opinions almost before they give them. In the same way I mentioned in this post, people feel the need to defend their food choices.

Why is this? Why must we put a disclaimer on how we feel? Why must we automatically put down our own intelligence as soon as we say something we feel passionately about? After all, it’s only one person’s opinion and not everyone has to agree. The people reading should know that or they should not be reading.

I am sad for the people who start a sentence with “I’m a bad [insert descriptive word here], but this is what I have to say…”

Simply SAY IT!

DO NOT put yourself down, or degrade your opinions. You are a human being, a person, and all your opinions are valid.

These same people are the ones who fish for compliments. I also wrote about accepting the compliment and saying thank you.

“Oh, I ran a sub-20:00 5K, but you ran a sub 19:00 5K so my accomplishment is not as good as yours. You’re better than me.”

Arg, just stop it.

You do not need to have a disclaimer on your life or your opinions. You do not need to always justify your bold opinion or water down the way you feel.

Just say what you mean. It’s so much simpler that way.

It’s called BREAD.

Another one of my biggest pet peeves is when people break foods down and call them by a singular nutrient.

This irks me in a huge way majorly because I was guilty of this.

Now when I see it all over Instagram and other blogs, I just roll my eyes. This peeve of mine has helped in significantly reducing the amount of blogs I read. I simply get annoyed when a whole food is reduced to one of it’s elements.

I am studying nutrition to become a holistic health coach. Yes, I know that it is not a dietitian or nutritionist. I do not claim to be those things. Yet, I do not understand when these same dietitians and health “role models” continue to speak of foods in regard to what they consider the “most important” part of that food.

Just because you’re eating a baked potato does not mean that the only good thing about that potato is #carbsfordayz

A potato also has potassium, protein, fiber and tons of Vitamin C.

Also, by reducing a food to a singular nutrient, you take the love and comfort out of the food.

Think about it. Say you sit down to eat with your friend and ask what they’re eating and they say,

“I’m having a carb.”

What image comes to mind? Not too much right? Snore. Move on from that table and sit with someone else.

Instead, if they say,

“I’m having mashed potatoes and gravy.”

That image is a lot more relatable and fun right? Mashed potatoes sound delicious!

I also think that people want to confess to eating something like #carbz or #fatz yet brag about eating #proteinz because #gainz

I would need a few hundred hands to count the number of times the description of a meal has the hashtag #carbs when it is followed by the hashtag #legday or #gymsession

Why does this matter? Honestly I am guilty of doing this in the past too (but lets be real, my “gym session” is laughable). When describing a recipe of some sort, it makes sense to embellish it with a statement about the nutrition in the food, but for most of us, there is no need to explain your food choice.

Understand this: YOU, yes YOU, do not need to JUSTIFY your food choices to anyone.

There, you’re free. You can eat WHATEVER you want and NOT TELL ANYONE what is in it or WHY you chose to eat that.

You can leave the gym and eat apples, bread, cheese, cookies or GOD FORBID EAT NOTHING and it’s NO ONE’S BUSINESS but YOUR OWN!

Rant coming to a close:

It’s called bread.

It’s called banana.

It’s called avocado.

It’s called a cookie.

Food is more than #carbz, #protein and #fat.

Food is your own. Food is delicious. Food does not need to be justified.

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Have a macronutrient-free day, and enjoy your food.


Take The Compliment

I think my biggest running pet peeve is people who do not know how to take a compliment. Actually, this is probably my biggest pet peeve in life.

I used to be this person.

“Who me? What? I am actually good at something? NO! Blasphemy! I am just average, [insert name here] is so much better!”

Yup, that was me. Part of it was my upbringing in the church. Always best to be humble because of what the Lord did for you. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but let’s be honest, Jesus Christ himself was not talking about being appreciative of talent.

He was telling the obnoxious, self-absorbed Pharisees to not be so full of themselves.

Half of my interactions with friends, readers or potential clients (health coach remember) is me telling them they need to accept the compliments people give them.

Just say THANK YOU God damn it!

The second part of this neuroses that I used have stemmed from being a woman.

Yup, I’m one of them as well. We women are taught to be quiet, and passive. Anything else is seen as a big ol’ BITCH.

Don’t exert yourself. Don’t instruct anyone, God forbid it be a man. Don’t have opinions. Don’t accept any form of flattery.

That’s not attractive.

Well, I’m here to say YES IT IS!

When women appreciate their talents, their dreams, their accomplishments, no matter what they are,


Yes, I just called YOU sexy! When I tell you I am in awe of what you did and you smile and say thank you…WHEW I am enamored with you.


That is the level I appreciate women who know how to take a compliment. Automatically I want to be your best friend.

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Because when a woman does not know how to take a compliment or always puts herself down is someone whom I will need to spend 95% of our time together building up. The “friendship” will become a huge energy suck for me and let me tell you, that is crap.

I don’t deserve it, and neither does any other woman.

If not for your own well-being, you should learn to take compliments because it makes the lives of your loved ones easier. They won’t have to work so hard to be your friend.

There, not only are you AWESOME, you are also SELF-LESS and a GREAT FRIEND.

I’m going to end this here.

Just take the damn compliment babe. You deserve it.

When Running Feels Good

I love running right now.

I feel strong. I feel confident. I feel ready to bloom.

After a less than amazing summer of running, I planned to take time after Watergap off. However, the running Gods had other plans for me.

I raced again. I kept running. I found my happy place again. I am ready to finish the season strong and content.

In my experience, I will always run even if it doesn’t feel ideal.

For me, less than ideal running looks like this:


1.) Runs feel blah no matter the pace. I could be doing a workout or an easy run and it all feels the same. Blah. Sluggish. Mentally draining. Ew.

2.) I get sore more often and start to neglect strength training.

3.) I do not sleep well.

4.) I am on constant worry for injury because I know something I am doing isn’t working, but I’m too tired (see above) to figure out what it is.

5.) I use races (like the Syracuse half marathon) to kick my own ass and try to get me out of that funk. I need races to be motivated, even if I know I am undertrained.

On the flip side (how I feel now) running looks like this:


1.) I jump out of bed to get out there each morning.

2.) I cook more nutritious meals for myself and am motivated to do so.

3.) Running feels, not easy all the time, but everything feels manageable. Workouts are hard, but it’s nothing I doubt I can do if I try hard.

4.) I cannot contain my excitement to race because I know I am fit.

I am in this blessed state of ready to go and get after it, but also content with where I am and my running at the moment. If I never race or PR again, it’s ok, because I love to run. I will never stop (I mean that in a long term sense, not an off season sense).

Most of all, I let myself enjoy every step, every breath, every drop of sweat because I know it’s my lifeline.

Running keeps me alive. Time to get after it.

3 Ways To Restore Racing Confidence

It’s no secret I’ve struggled with confidence this past month. Running is the love of my life, but sometimes it doesn’t treat me so great. It builds me up one day and tears me down the next.


I’ll be honest, it’s all mental.

I know it’s all in my head and that’s why I haven’t had a great training season. I still work hard, but if my head isn’t in it the majority of the time, I won’t perform. From bonking to my sore foot to getting misdirected on a half marathon course, I just lost any mojo I had.

Ragnar was amazing because of the people, but lackluster in terms of my performance. I know what I can do and I know what type of runner I am. I was frustrated that I couldn’t help my team out as much as I usually do. I spent the hours before my legs in the internal struggle of emotion; wanting to run, but afraid. Not wanting to run, but knowing I had a job to do. Talk about exhausting!

On Saturday I have my last race of the season, after which I will take a step back, and fully learn to enjoy my sport again. I’ve already started doing so, taking the pressure off myself, running with people and just being in the moment, but I do have one race left.

Instead of getting upset or fearful again before this one, I have decided to be proactive and start to enjoy the process of racing well in advance. I usually go into races blind and hope for the best. Usually this works, but I am not taking any chances this weekend. I will be ready for whatever happens.

The following are the three ways I am making this race enjoyable and stress-free. When I don’t feel stressed and am excited to get out there and run, I feel more confident in my ability to finish races. I empower you to use these tips the next time you feel under-prepared or are scared to attempt a new challenge. They won’t make it easy, but you might as well enjoy the hard work and finish with a smile.

1.) Visualization

I’ve actually never done this before, but I have analyzed the course map, took note of the aid stations and looked at the weather. Normally, I don’t do this and just accept what is. I have done this because I don’t want to stress about the race or over think it. However, in ultrarunning, there is a certain need to be overly cautious. I need to know what I am in for and how it will most likely feel at each point in the race.

How I approach visualization is imagining myself crossing the finish line. I think about how that will feel and then my worries go away. I think about what I will do and what I will tell myself when things get sore and tough. I’m sure there is a science to this or a specific way to do it, but this has been working for me. Instead of not knowing what will be out there, I am excited to face it and see what happens!

2.) Accept Fitness Level

I am not at my fittest and that is ok. Part of being a runner is accepting where you are at and racing appropriately. I am not fast right now. I have not done any speed work nor do I feel like my body is handling aerobic workouts very well at this point. This is why I chose to end my season with this race rather than a half marathon or a 10K. That would be silly both mentally and physically for me. I appreciate what my body can do and is trained for at this point. I picked a race that will hopefully get the best out of what I can do now.

3.) Eat Well

I try to eat smart during the taper week. I don’t try anything new. I stick with what I know both tastes good and gives me good energy. I try to balance things out appropriately, however, I refuse to stress over it. It’s not worth it. I am not running this race to win, I am doing it for the experience and the camaraderie I see in ultrarunning. By eating my tried and true tested foods, I feel confident that I am setting myself up for digestive success on race day.

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I feel so much more confident this week and both excited and relaxed about this race. That’s all I can ask for to end my season.