Marathon Training [05/16-05/22]

Taper week 1 is over and complete! I have not lost it yet!

I feel just like everyone said I will, so that brings confidence to the outlook on the race. I feel phantom soreness and on alert to falls or niggles. I still have my large appetite and have been keeping the carbohydrates up. I have noticed my craving for dense fruits like bananas and dates has increased so I’m listening to that. If my body wants carbohydrates, I’m giving it that.

One thing I’ve learned through this marathon season about nutrition is that usually (not all the time) when I think I need a dense piece of cake, my body does want sweet things, but it will be satisfied with a whole food source. Instead of diving into a piece of brownie or cookie, having dates and nut butter (the best dinner after Ragnar!) or banana ice cream topped with nuts will satisfy my craving and be even better for me.

Ok, enough nutrition, let’s talk about training!

Training Log

Monday: 7.5 miles @ 8:00 pace

Tuesday: 10.7 miles @ 7:19 pace

Wednesday: 15.4 miles @ 7:45 pace

Thursday: 11.6 miles (45′ easy, 3×1 mile reps, 1 mile c/d)

Friday: 11.8 miles @ 7:45 pace

Saturday: 8.7 miles @ 7:22 pace


Total mileage:

This week I said goodbye to two of my running group. One is only for three months as she’s done with school for the semester and the other is for a long time as she is moving to Korea with her husband. They are a military family.

On Monday I ran comfortably on the treadmill as it was the first run post Ragnar. It felt good and not sore. Tuesday I got back outside and ran a nice pace even though it felt relatively easy. Wednesday was my favorite run with my women’s group. I will miss them very much!


Thursday I did some marathon effort miles, but honestly I think my fitness is where it needs to be. Anything faster increases the likelihood for burnout and injury. I feel good right now so I’m just riding the fitness out.

Friday and Saturday were easy runs ending with a lot of mobility and dynamic movements. I think keeping up those routines is important for recovery as when I am not running this week, I am still on my feet at work.

This upcoming week, I am going to practice my mantra: relax, relax, relax! It got me through Ragnar, so it’s what will help me get through Buffalo.

I also got a couple pictures from the Ragnar race website of one of my exchanges. I look happy, but this couldn’t be further from how I felt. Sometimes, you just gotta smile for the camera and fake it till you make it.

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How was your week?

What is your favorite mantra?

I am linking up with Meg for Week In Review, so head over there (after leaving me a comment of course!) and see what everyone else did last week!

Training Talk: Things I’ve Learned About Myself by Training For A Marathon

Well, the hay is in the barn guys. That’s exactly what my dad would say at the end of the summer when the work was done and all he had left was to make money.

Applying this to my marathon next weekend (!!!) the training is done and all I can do it watch it unfold. Whatever happens, I will be happy with it. This past 6 months have revealed many new things about myself that had I not gone through this training, I might not find out.

1.) I Am Tough

Cough, cough, Syracuse anyone? Running a half marathon in a blizzard was probably the cumulative effect of the training I did this winter and I was ready. No, it wasn’t pleasant, but I could run in those conditions. Actually, I don’t think that race was the worst weather I experienced in terms of how I handled it. I remember my first 17 miler of the training cycle where it went from bad to worse. The rain poured, I cried and finally realized that nothing was going to get better. I had to endure the suck and finish the miles because no one was going to save me. I will remember that in the final miles next Sunday. Those crappy runs made me strong and resilient.

2.) I am not ready for a coach

I had a coach for three months and it didn’t work out. There were many factors, but I am glad I stopped that even if I wasn’t happy at the time. I am not ready to be coached. I need someone who is right for me and with my limited resources, I don’t have the time or funds to get that. I am serious about my training, so I cannot settle for a coach who, although brilliant, might not be right for me. That’s just how it is.

3.) People want to see you succeed

I remember in college when every girl competed with every other one in the gym. How fast they were going, how much they could lift. I always felt like I had to be better and everyone else was trying to sabotage me. As I’ve grown up and matured, I realized that people want you to do well. One of my training partners basically gave me a training plan, advice and encouragement it was like a coach you didn’t have to be accountable to. She offered advice, but if I didn’t take it, she didn’t care. She knew we were different and all she wanted was for me to do well. I realized I felt the same way about her and everyone else I run and compete with. Sure, I train to race hard and want to do well, but wanting myself to do well does not mean I want others to fail. I want everyone to do well.

4.) Being Vulnerable Doesn’t Make You Weak

It must be remembered that this is with the right people. I could never share my worries with people like my family, but my friends at work and other running friends were really supportive when I shared my fears. They gave me such encouragement and positivity and I was able to release pent up emotions and talk it out. Sometimes they didn’t have anything relevant to add, but would remind me how long I’ve trained and how prepared I am. It was a cool head and perspective that I needed in the moment and it was given to me.

These things have been made obvious through this training cycle and now I move forward in life holding onto them. I have grown so much during this experience. I am able to trust more, talk it out and see myself as a strong, motivated person giving it her all.

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I can’t wait until next week!

What has been revealed to you at some point in your life?

What hard things have made you stronger?

Welcome to Eat Run Pavement

This is kind of scary!

I decided to go self hosted when I realized that I love blogging. I love writing about my experiences running, eating and living. I love the community and the friendships I have made. It was time to take the training wheels off. Thank you for bearing with me!

Who am I?



My name is Ellie and I am a 24 year old athlete working and living in Ithaca NY. I started running about five years ago and racing the past two years. Since that time, running has turned into my passion and joy. I once used running to get away from problems, but now I run toward my goals and happiness.

My running journey is complex but in a short version, I took my PR in the half marathon down from about 1:43 to 1:20:37 in about 2 years. I read everything I can about training and how to get better, but still maintain my joy for the sport by not tying every run to “training”. I love going fast, but know that running with friends or on trails at a slower pace is just as important as the workouts.

I also went vegan two years ago and that has changed my life in so many ways. I have met so many amazing people and had so many great experiences through this decision. It is really the best thing I could have done. I went vegan first for the animals and second for the environment. My decision had nothing to do with an optimal diet for running, but that is a benefit I can not understate. Eating plant based has certainly helped out with my endurance and performance.

Presently, I work full time at Collegetown Bagels as a way to pursue running. I gotta pay for the racing and training right? It is really convenient and I love all my coworkers, they are like family.

I am a born again Christian and although I don’t post too much about it, my faith is a huge motivator behind my values and life. I will answer any questions to the extent of my ability and refer you to more well versed bloggers or resources if I don’t have the answers you seek.

I race on a team called Strong Hearts Vegan Power and look forward to opening up more opportunities with racing to promote vegan companies and this lifestyle.

Well, that’s about all I can say about myself. Check out my past blog Eating Pavement for more information about my past life.

This blog is about my serious running journey, how I eat and live to fuel this adventure and where I end up at the end (I hope there is no end!)

Check out my contact page to work with me and make my vegan running succeed. Together we can save animals, save the environment and be a happier, healthier human race.


Welcome to my vegan running life!