WIAW: Marathon Eating

Thank you once again to everyone who congratulated me on my race this past Sunday. I honestly haven’t stopped smiling since the finish line (well, I grimaced when I realized I hadn’t showered since then either…). If you haven’t read it yet, check out the recap of my First Marathon.

Running, like any form of exercise or daily living requires you to eat. I’m going to be honest, I used to fall prey to the “if the engine is hot enough, anything will burn,” method of eating for the first 4.5 years of my running. I did not pay attention. This marathon training cycle caused me to think a bit more strategically about what I put into the engine. This was especially important to me on the day before and sort of the day of the race.

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I ate what had been working for me during training: bananas, nuts, peanut butter, dates and instead of veggies, I had chips to decrease the fiber.

The day after, I didn’t really think much about nutrition after the race, rather I focused on what would go down and what had a lot of calories.

I’ll start with Saturday and then go to race day filling in the blanks where I forgot to take pictures.


On Saturday morning, I ate Microwave Banana Bread topped with peanut butter and an apple. I also had coffee.


For lunch I ate a peanut butter and raspberry jam and banana burrito and had chips with tomato sauce. I added extra salt packets to the tomato sauce. I also had another coffee.


For dinner, I opted out of joining my friends for dinner at a restaurant and at essentially the same as lunch, sub aloud butter for the PB and chocolate peanut butter for the jelly.


After dinner I had a few peanut butter stuffed dates. I also drank water.

Race day

Before the race I ate two bananas with peanut butter and a few dates. I also drank water.


During the race I drank Gatorade and water.

After the race, I ate oranges and apples and banana chips in the tent and at the expo.it is hard for me to eat after races, but I got a bit light headed, so I forced in what I could. Usually juicy fruits can go down. Anything else is hard.

My friend and I left the race about three hours after I finished and got lunch at a co-op. I had a hummus wrap, falafel and berries. I also tried buffalo tofu, and it was AMAZING but started to turn my stomach. Another thing about races for me is that my digestive system is even more spice sensitive. I do want to go back to eat that tofu again!


That afternoon I had a splitting headache so I mostly moved from couch to bed grabbing handfuls of things I could stomach. This included apples, dates, chips and banana chips. I also drank both pop and water.


That evening I tried to get some veggies in so I smacked on more chips and some broccoli.


I had bought my first Ben and Jerrys vegan pint of ice cream that afternoon, so I finished the night with that.

Some notes I have and will keep with me for next time: salting my food was and always has been good for me. I need to find foods like juicy fruits more quickly after the race if that is all I can stomach. I also had no coffee that day, so it that may have contributed to the headache. I drink decaf, but it still has some caffiene in it.

Since the race, coffee has also lost its appeal to me. I just don’t want to drink it anymore. Wonder how long this will last…

Well, there is my race eating recap. I’m linking up with JenArman, and Laura this morning.

Share your race eating stories!

B Happy Peanut Butter [it’s not smooth, it’s not crunchy, it’s SMUNCHY!]

I love crunchy peanut butter. It’s a staple for me in my training and diet.

Smooth is a fine stand in or if it’s really on sale, but nothing holds the same pizzazz for me like a good old spoonful of crunchy, nutty peanut butter. The mouthfeel, the texture, the taste. Everything about crunchy nut butters is something I look forward to.

I’ve even made my own nut butter before in two steps: make the smooth first, then stir in the chopped nuts.

Doesn’t everyone do that?

Well, as I would later find, I also enjoy a “middle ground” version of peanut butter. Not smooth, but also not exactly crunchy. Smaller bits of nuts, still spreadable (and spoonable) and 100% delicious.
B Happy Peanut Butter is a new to me company that makes a type of nut butter they title “smunchy”. I was happy to recieve a couple jars during my training cycle, not only because peanut butter is my recovery food, but because this company is known for being delicious! Thanks to Emily for turning me on to them!

It’s a finer ground crunchy peanut butter that still holds onto that mouthfeel, but the chunks aren’t as big.

I am now a huge fan! As the jar states, it was hard for me not to eat it all by the spoonful.

Actually, let’s get real, it took me two days to eat the jar of original. I then dove into the apple cinnamon and loved that too.

The original version is great for sandwiches, as a topping for pancakes or Vegan Protein Cookie Dough and the apple cinnamon is perfect as is. Really I just ate it with a spoon. The apple chunks balance out the richness of the peanut butter, so I could eat more spoonfuls without feeling like my throat was clogged.

If you’ve ever eaten PB straight you know what I mean.

The apples cut it nicely and it was actually refreshing, not how I would usually describe a nut butter, but it works.

Another thing I love about B Happy Peanut Butter is the small batch, small company vibe. Based out of Zionsville, Indiana, the company keeps quality high in a single factory. I am happy to pay a bit more for that! The flavor names are also adorable:

Plain: KeepSmunchy

Apple Cinnamon: Pay It Forward

Snickerdoodle: So Happy Together

What else do you need?

Check out their website and B Happy!

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Anyone interested in a giveaway? 

Leave a comment and email down below and I’ll pick a random winner for one jar of the original KeepSmunchy peanut butter. 

Tell me: What would you put this peanut butter on?

What I Ate At Ragnar Cape Cod

Before I start this eats recap, I want to thank all the companies that donated food to our team. Everything was delicious and kept us fueled, focused and happy. Our sponsors were:

Cocobeet dandies logo

kale chips veggie galaxy

And of course the PRETZEL BUNS!

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Outside of all the running, the most fun thing about getting together with my team at Ragnar is sharing food and meals together. I automatically know I can eat everything! Vegans love to eat and this relay was no different. Not only is it 48 hours of running and sleeping, but there is also a ton of food. My van coordinated the food we were going to bring this time so we had some variety and enough.

Let’s be honest, we always bring too much, but one thing I noticed last time was that although everything was delicious, by the end, I craved veggies and fruit. We had many great things and I love vegan cheese as much as anyone, but because processed food is not a huge part of my diet, after a while, my body was telling me I needed real food.

This time I decided to be smart. I brought peanut butter, nuts, fruit and veggies to eat along with all the other stuff for some balance in what we ate. To be honest, the body does just need calories, but having nutrient dense calories is always preferred over the processed stuff.

Today I’m sharing what I ate over the relay (some pictures are blurry, sorry). I feel like I did do a better job of fueling this time. I did however wake up starving the next day, but that might have been the dehydration and sleep deprivation causing a higher metabolic rate and therefore more calories were needed.

After looking at this post, at the next race I will make a point to drink more.

Meal 1: Lemon-blueberry scone from Whole Foods, Apple and coffee


Meal 2: 2 bananas with peanut butter, green beans (this was right before my first leg), water

Meal 3: Field roast deli slices, and hummus sandwich, lentil sloppy joes and carrot sticks, coconut water


Before my next leg I also drank half a Monster energy drink, kale chips and had an apple it was 1 AM

Meal 4: 2 bananas with peanut butter and granola, kale chips, carrot sticks/green beans and hummus and a few dates. I also drank coffee (this was like breakfast on day 2 and after my last leg)


Meal 5: weird corn nut things from the race expo, rest of bag of carrot sticks, dates stuffed with peanut butter, more kale chips, pop from the race expo


My last meal was consumed over 3 hours while I attempted to drive home.

Take-a-ways and things I noticed:

I need to drink more water. I tried to sip it throughout the day, but I don’t think I drank enough. I can tell this because I woke up Sunday morning so dehydrated my belt was able to be clasped one loop tighter. I also woke up starving. I was hungry when I got home, but I was so tired I just went to bed. I choose rest over food always, and I had the next day to eat all day, so I went to bed.

It is hard for me to eat and try to drive when I am exhausted. Driving home was really hard on me, which also took a lot of energy and could use some more calories.

Luckily, I had the next day to essentially keep a bag of dates and nuts with me, which I ate all day in addition to meals. I also attempted to drink more, but I’m really bad at this. Tuesday I still felt a bit dehydrated, but better.

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So there you have it, how I ate at Ragnar.

How do you fuel for races?

What is your favorite post race food?

Runner’s World [A Day In My Life, May 2016]

Distance runners seem to be creatures of habit. I know that’s certainly the case for me. I like going to bed each night with a general plan for the next day. Here and there I have days where anything goes, but that’s not the norm.

Right now, my job is really busy so I work 6 days a week. On my day off, I am more relaxed about timing, but I need to get all my errands done on that day, work on the blog and spend a couple hours training. Days off are a break even if that seems like a lot.

As I come to a close in my marathon training, (less than 3 weeks out) I am pretty dialed in. I have one focus and my life sort of revolves around that. Training takes priority, then nutrition, then recovery and then my job and this blog. Here is a peak into a normal day for me right now:

6:15AM: Alarm goes off. I feed my cats, strap on my Garmin and head out the door. I usually run for about an hour and then do 30-45 minutes of easy stuff like mobility, core or weight lifting. This change day to day.

8:15AM: Grab coffee from CTB on my way home from the gym.

8:30AM: Make breakfast while playing with my cats, eat breakfast, do some social media for my blog, read my bloglovin feed and watch YouTube videos (current favorites are Plantriotic, Obese2Beast, Chelsea Lifts, drewlikesrice and Brian Turner)

[microwave peanut butter-chocolate banana bread, topped with B Happy apple cinnamon peanut butter and Jiff salted caramel PB]

9:45AM: clean up my breakfast/previous nights dishes and head back to the gym

10:00AM: work on my blog/read on the bike. This is not a workout, but a slow spin that gets out any soreness and increases my leg turnover

11:00AM: head home from the gym, shower, work a bit more on my blog.

12:00PM: start work at CTB

3:00PM: Eat lunch, check Instagram (oh shoot I need to post that picture!)

[Tofu khan, black beans, peas, cucumber and squash]

3:30PM: back to work

8:04PM: finally clock out at work

8:15PM: make dinner, talk to my cats

[another peanut butter, banana, protein bowl of some kind with nuts mixed in, bowl of greens, extra banana]

8:25PM: eat dinner, read blogs, work on my blog, check Facebook/Twitter and respond to comments

[eat a couple more spoonfuls of nut butter]

9:30PM: Get into bed, lie there for a bit and go to sleep.

The end!

This is probably my most frequent day when I have to work at that time. If I do a longer run in the morning, I don’t bike but try to do some type of mobility work at home on the mat. If I do a longer run, I also nap before work. Naps are key when working 6 days and training for this race.

I am linking up with WIAW this morning to show a day of eats.

Any other questions about my day?

What time do you work each day?

Basic Chocolate Vegan Protein Cookie Dough [gluten-free]

Who doesn’t love a simple, nutrient-dense, delicious breakfast that only has three ingredients? Naturally sweetened, vegan and gluten-free, the inner athlete in you will become obsessed with the first installment of Vegan Protein Cookie Dough. Plant Fusion has kindly sent me their products to sample and create recipes for all of you to fuel your next workout or run. Let me know in the comments if you have any flavor recommendations or recipe ideas! 

Plant Fusion

I remember when I first started running more than 10 miles at a time. I would be a wreck all day. My body simply was not used to that training. I also was not prepared to fuel it afterwards. My breakfast, although delicious, we’re not adequate for what I was doing. This caused me to be tired and slow moving all day.

As I’ve matured as an athlete, I realized that in order to run like elites, I needed to fuel like elites. Through my research, I saw a few common themes:

1.) Protein AND carbs AND fat are all important

2.) Refuel within an hour of finishing the workout

3.) Eat what you can stomach and tastes good

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From then on, I was on a mission. I knew what kinds of foods I like. I knew what foods my stomach can handle. I knew what foods were vegan. Put those things in the shaker bottle that is my brain, and out popped these recipes.

Bananas (satisfy all three criteria)

Protein powder (see above and also a fast nutrient mix)

Nuts (see above)

You see, I don’t like to spend much time making my meals. I’d rather spend time eating them and doing other things. Where does that leave me? Foods ready to eat.

I’m not talking pre packed stuff, I’m talking whole foods (mostly) and nutrient dense sources.

I know, I know, protein powder is not a whole food. However, it is a great supplement for your active life. I really only use protein powder when I’m training. Why? I don’t feel like measuring out flour and sugar to make the same basic thing. It takes less thinking to make breakfast. It also has a quicker nutrient punch, which I could get from whole foods, but that would take longer to eat. Who has time to spend all day eating and digesting food?

Long story short, this Vegan Protein Cookie Dough series is what I’ve eaten for the past few months after workouts and training sessions to get the biggest nutritional bang for my buck that takes little time to prepare.

So I can spend my time on my butt recovering for my next session or my job.



Basic Chocolate Vegan Protein Cookie Dough

1 large ripe banana

1 scoop Plant Fusion protein powder

1 T cocoa powder

1 T coconut flour

Mash the banana in a bowl unless thoroughly mushy. Add all other ingredients. Stir until combined. Pour into another bowl or use the same. Top with your favorite nuts or nut butters.

Note** If your banana is small, add a bit of almond milk until you get the consistency you desire.

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What flavors would you like to see?

How do you refuel after a hard workout?