Busier at work at Nikki Green

This morning I felt so much better. I love the route I chose, and I needed to feel this confident.

Yesterday was really busy at work, and I found myself mentally making a list of things to do after I finished checking out the last customer…and that list kept getting longer and customers kept coming. It was one of those kind of days, every time I turned around there was another person. Signals the seasons are changing and Spring is coming.


I am trying to turn my space heater off at night, but it got down into the 20s again last night and I had forgotten to get out my mummy sleeping bag. Tonight I will and keep the heater off. I gotta get used to it now or never, I lost my electric power in a week.

I wonder how long my solar will last. I’ll also check that tonight. Gotta do some testing.

Honestly, I just wish it would get warmer already, come on, just in time for Easter.

Yesterday I treated myself to Nikki Green for lunch, and I actually might go again today. The peanut butter banana bowl was perfect and I needed to get out of CTB for my break.

I also should support Ten Forward today, so scone and chocoholic bowl for lunch? I think so!

Breakfast: peanut butter and butter on sourdough toast, with an apple

Running: 90 minutes

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