Bumps In the Road

Sometimes, I do everything right and still hit bumps in the road. I have been trying to be smart this training cycle. I gained weight and have kept it on. I foam roll. I do mobility work. I stop runs short to have more time for stretching or form drills. I bike instead of run longer miles. I eat more than enough. I have taken steps to de-stress my life. I prioritize relationships over working out.

I am happy with everything and what is happening in my life.

Yet, I hit a snare a few weeks ago after 0SPF. I mentioned this in my Escarpment race recap. I hadn’t run for the two weeks leading up to the race. My foot simply hurt. I don’t know what I did, I did not go to a doctor. I took the advice of my coach and did what I normally do when I feel niggles, I took off.

This sucked. I was finally back in my city. The town I love and where I learned to run. Yet, I was stuck on the elliptical for two weeks trying to maintain some semblance of cardio and making sure I didn’t do anything worse so I had to DNS Escarpment.

I was being overly safe and still hit a snare.

Sometimes I think, because I am running smarter than I used to, that everything will be sunshine and rainbows forever. That is simply not the case. I could step off a curb wrong and twist my ankle. I could eat expired food (like yesterday) and get a stomach ache. Just because I’ve worked on certain areas and fixed things holding me back does not make me super human.

Sure, I’ve come a long way. I no longer feel like I am about to break. I do not have the stress I had this past winter. I have a team of people I let in to help me run smart and healthfully. I spend time with loved ones and friends simply because I want to, not because I feel I have to.

This does not mean I don’t have to struggle to run my best. Figuring out life issues does make my body less susceptible to burn out, but I still break sometimes.

That’s ok. I am still a human. I still live a full life when I am not running. It was the things outside my running that have blossomed, so even though I may need to take weeks off, I don’t feel as empty anymore.

Hitting rough patches is part of training. In order to appreciate the good, I am someone that needs to go through the bad.

See you out there! (finally!!)

12 thoughts on “Bumps In the Road”

  1. I love your “go with the flow” approach to training and life in general. Sorry about the foot. I feel like injuries without a defined cause can more frustrating than the run of the mill twisted ankle. If we don’t know how we got the injury, how can we go about healing it?

    Also, you look stunning in that teal dress.

  2. It is so important to just trust that we are all human and we all f up… and that all of it is okay!
    I’m sorry about your foot love. But your mindset is great- so keep it up! there is so much power in positivity.

  3. Yes, I’m thankful for those rough spots, because they remind me that life isn’t perfect, but it always reminds me too, that God’s plan is perfect for His children, and He can use even these things for our good. <3 Love you Ellie.

  4. My hidden desire for everything to be black and white says that, “I’m doing everything right! Therefore there will be no more struggles and everything will be honky dory from now on.” Ugh. Life. So does not play that way. Even if, or when, we are doing everything we think is “right,” there will still be just as many hills and valleys and frustrations and confusions. It continues on.

    The main point is your mindset through all this. You are going about it all with acceptance and grace and, how I perceive it, patience for when things get going again. Ps you so pretty.

    1. Thanks babe you are beautiful as well 🙂 I think it’s the same with health or lack there of as well. We expect doing the right thing will always be successful immediately. Often times that is not the case and takes a long time to see the fruits. Just because there are these bumps doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep driving on the road 🙂

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