Building Blocks: A Short Tempo

After a few weeks of steady running, I started to feel like myself again. My legs felt adjusted to running and I no longer was in discomfort from lack of fitness through my runs
As I described in this post, building fitness is painful at times. It’s not an injury pain but a bodily fatigue that feels like learning a skill I thought I mastered. It’s taxing on the body, and also the mind. I feel as though I’ve made it over the first hump in returning from injury time off. Running is coming back.

So why not try a bit of tempo paced work?

My plan was to do a bit of pyramid style faster running and see how it felt. I would be happy with anything even if it was a 10 second on, 5 minutes off type of thing.

I began with a 2 mile warm up and felt pretty fine getting a bit faster towards the last half mile. I then progressed into a 400 on, 1200 off, 800 on, 800 off, 1200 on, 400 off, and finished with a full 1600 meters at tempo pace before a 2 mile cool down.

It wasn’t easy, but it felt doable. It was a confidence boost rather than a workout that provided any kind of adaptation in my legs. I just needed to believe I could do something faster than “easy”.

This is by no means what others do or what anyone “should” do. Other ways to do this, build up some fitness or rev the engine so to speak, are short hill bursts, strides or a fartlek. This workout just works for me, it is my confidence run.

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