Broken Treadmills and Snow Runs

This past week, I broke my treadmill.

I kid, it just needs some maintenance, but it is out of commission until the repair man comes on February 22nd.

This has changed my running a bit this past week. Meaning: I was forced to get outside.

Normally, I love this. Before I moved, I ran outside as much as I could. It was great. I knew my routes, felt safe and would never pick the treadmill over the road unless the conditions were so bad (think, treadmill marathon) or I was doing speed specific work and I had to stay inside.

Since I moved, I was in my off season, then the darkness and unfamiliar neighborhood made it a better choice to run on the treadmill. I’m not ashamed for this, it is what it is.

Well, the treadmill now needs maintenance and so outside I go. I have run to work a few times, so I sort of know where things are. However doing anything longer than a few miles has not happened.

Until today.

Today, I ran over 10 miles before and after work (combined) and it was both beautiful and humbling. I am not looking at pace, as running in a snow storm and on new terrain is obviously something that will influence it. I am just happy to be out there.

It is cold. I am unfamiliar with where I am. There are a lot of cars. It’s scary.

But a wise woman once said (ok, this was from my babe Laura but also said by Jenn Shelton) “Don’t overthink, just go–it’s the best way to learn.”

Truer words were never spoken. Sometimes it’s hard for me to not think about running all the time. Today however, I was present and enjoyed work. I finished, took my time getting ready to go and just started running. It was cold, windy and snowing. I loved it all.

I am running. That’s what matters.


15 thoughts on “Broken Treadmills and Snow Runs”

  1. Hubby keeps bringing up adding a treadmill to our home gym, but the maintenance worries me compared to our elliptical. But I have been preferring the treadmill more too lately with winter darkness and tons of rain here. I love the just go with it attitude and did that a lot during marathon training – just strap on a hydration pack and explore until I hit the mileage. That’s awesome getting out and running in the snow, so pretty!

  2. As someone who used to live there, trails in the area are a bit harder to find, if that’s what you’re looking for! The best place in the city to run on trails is the Rand Tract – it’s this tiny little hidden gem that has ~3 miles or so of marked trails but lots of unmarked ones to explore! Clark’s Reservation State Park is pretty good too. For longer distances you can run the Erie Canalway Trail (paved) from the city all the way out to Green Lakes State Park. Green Lakes had an ultra there a few years ago and there’s probably still a map of the 12.5 mile trail loop they ran, On the weekends, a trip down to Heiberg forest (>30 miles of trails) or the Morgan Hill/Labrador Hollow area are only about 20 minutes away and well worth it!

  3. SO TRUE> I really really love this. Don’t overthink; just go and learn along the way. That’s one of the best ways to learn, a bit scary at first, but it’s so amazing when you just get out there. I’m glad you got out there Ellie and conquered those miles.

  4. You are SO much braver than I, girl! I do not do anything outside (i’d sooner choose nothing over braving the cold) in the winter and it doesn’t even get that cold here. I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself if it snowed (which it never will… because it doesn’t get below freezing… or even to freezing :P)

  5. You go girl! When Jimmy and I first moved to our neighborhood, I was so intimidated to learn new driving and walking routes and just trying to figure out basic things like where the grocery store was, etc. I know in time you’ll have everything figured out. For now, I am so glad you’re just getting out there and enjoying running!

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