Bouncy houses and happy birthday Mama Bear!

This time of year always seems to fly by for me. I was just looking at my race calendar and my next one is only a month away! I feel like we just got back from Texas and I felt like I had such a long time till my next event. I’m getting ready though, so I don’t feel like I don’t have enough time to train.

Last weekend I went up to my sister’s house for her boyfriend’s son Lucas’ 6th birthday party. It was really fun! They rented a bouncy house in the shape of a bulldozer. It’s been years since I’d been in one of those, and Lucas requested we each take turns being the gorilla who comes after them inside the house. I don’t think he expected me to pick him up and throw him against the side of it, but that’s what happened. He also tried to get me to show my feet to all his friends. Apparently my feet are a running joke in their house. Oh what my life has become.

I spent the night there and then went running at Green Lakes state park the next morning. It poured the whole time, but my new gear (Altra Lone Peak shoes and Nathan small pack) worked really well and kept my cell phone dry even without a baggie. I do think my head phone might have died today though…I can’t get them to charge 🙁

After a couple hours in the park, I knew I needed to get on the road to work at noon. The deal I made with my boss was that I could have regular weekends off if I worked graduation and when she’s on vacation. Not a bad trade so I took it. On the way home, I stopped at Strong Hearts for breakfast. It was their 10 year anniversary this weekend, so their daily muffin was a birthday cake themed muffin. It was quite good. I also satisfied a vegan craving for an egg-trick muffin with bacon. Delicious.

The beginning of the week has passed in good time. My mom turned 62 on Monday. I can’t believe how good she still looks. I’m happy to get those genes if you know what I mean. I also realized that she become an entrepreneur at age 58. Isn’t that INSANE?! Way to go Mama Bear!

I have been enjoying runs with my friend Bailey the past two weeks. It’s just fun to talk with someone for 13 miles sometimes. Yesterday I got in a strength session (still hoping for 2 per week) and today I did speed. 8×800 meters on the track all by myself. Sometimes it’s hard to do things like that alone. I’d always used the treadmill before, and last week I had Bailey. Today was a test. My coach says I passed.

The rest of the week is more of the same, but a good more of the same. I’m happy.

Breakfast: a bowl of granola and soy milk

Running: 10 miles

One thought on “Bouncy houses and happy birthday Mama Bear!”

  1. You look so happy in the bouncy house picture! Love that. Also, your mom sounds hard core in all the right ways! Becoming an entrepreneur at 58? AMAZING. Happy (belated) birthday to her!

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