Blood from nowhere, cold food is the best food

This morning I fell on my trail run, but it didn’t seem so bad and so I kept running. All of a sudden there’s blood going down my hand, from a cut on my finger.

It’s not even a big cut but it was like a severed an artery. I also noticed a few more bruises on my left side from my fall on Sunday. To be honest, I’ll take the bruises over any other issue even if it looks like I got into a fight or have a rambunctious dog.

The heat finally broke and it was cooler this morning. I slept a bit better last night and hydrated more appropriately yesterday while at work. I actually apologized to a patron for being “thangry” on Monday if I seemed rude to him (thirsty + angry = thangry) He said he didn’t notice anything out of my usual self…so I’m good at hiding my headaches.

My coworker Josh was being a dick for the first half of the shift, so I started writing down a list of mildly infuriating things I hoped would happen to him. We’re good friends so it was all in jest, but even he was surprised at how personally accurate the annoyances I came up with were. Worked seemed to fly by, and I got home at a good time.

I have to be honest, it’s kind of nice living some where stable right now, so instead of missing my van, I’ve started looking at all the positives of apartment life.

A fan, good food, cold water, a bathroom. Little pleasures I took for granted before vanlife.

Today before work I am going to my friend Ashley’s house to get some produce! She and her boyfriend Tim have a lot of land and a huge garden. At lunch on Saturday she said I can have a bunch of the vegetables that are starting to come, because there’s so much they cannot possibly eat it all.

I want some zucchini so I can air fry it. I also want to make kale chips. Or potato chips, I’m not picky at all.

I’ve noticed that I am the only person keeping things in the bigger fridge in the kitchen. Seriously the only thing in there is my almond milk…so if she gives me a lot of stuff, I am planning to put it in the community kitchen. I don’t really think anyone will take it, but I guess if they do, at least they are eating well.

Speaking of food, does anyone else eat all their food cold when it gets hotter than 80 degrees? I don’t eat anything hot anymore. Ok, I make pancakes for breakfast sometimes, but my dinners are just eaten straight out of the fridge. Rice, tofu, whatever, I just put it in a bowl and go to town.

Breakfast: chocolate pancakes with peanut sauce

Running: 70 minutes

4 thoughts on “Blood from nowhere, cold food is the best food”

  1. The peanut sauce looks amazing. Is it PB2 + water?

    Thangry, haha. The other day I had the trifecta of crankiness: thirsty, hungry, and had to pee. :X Plus it was hot out. I just had to keep quiet so I wouldn’t snap at everyone. 😀

  2. Thangry! That’s a word I’ve never heard but feel like I’ll be using in the future haha! Too funny about being able to poke fun at your co-worker, too.

    I’m glad you’ve been seeing the positives about your new living situation! Also, I am totally down with eating cold food in the summer! Cold corn on the cob from the fridge is amazing 🙂

  3. When it’s hot I love all my food cold too! I’m so glad you’re finding so many blessings about the stability of apartment life. Yay for bathrooms and kitchens!

  4. Oh absolutely. I havn’t been eating anything hot in these past couple weeks. Leftovers from the fridge…. cold. Soup? Cold. I made a dahl a while back…. discovered its delicious cold with avocado.

    Glad to hear you are feeling grateful for aspects of apartment life. There’s good in all places, I suppose ya? Jealous you get to go to a real “farm” and get a bunch of produce. Sounds like heaven.

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