Bleh I’m tired

This morning was another one of those days that prove fitness is a state of mind. I slogged through 7 miles not feeling super great.

How I am going to make it through 65 next weekend, I don’t know. Potatoes, Tailwind and a good crew.

Speaking of crew, I am having two of my friends help out during the race. I have no real idea what that means, but mostly I’m looking forward seeing people and then spending 20 miles with one of them at the end.

To be honest, trail running isn’t exciting me right now. Running is still fun and challenging, but I’m ready for a break after Twisted. Im at peace with where I’m at. I don’t want to run anything longer or crazier. I just want to take a step back and enjoy the stuff I’ve done this summer.

I had a great day off on Sunday. I ran, read for 3 hours, met my friend Ashley for lunch, read some more, cooked, just did whatever I wanted. It was just what I needed.

I’ve decided to keep all my jobs. I just had a freak out moment there when I didn’t get a day off last weekend and I was really looking forward to it. After all, having three jobs helps justify my new road kicks…

I’m already looking forward to this Sunday.

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