Back Home

Well, I moved!

I currently reside in Newfield, NY which is just outside Ithaca until the end of the month at which time I will move to an apartment downtown. I am staying with my coworker and her boyfriend and three dogs.

Three adorable, energetic labs that have made my life quite exciting.

Maple likes to eat all the fruit and vegetables I leave on the counter.

Aspen is the most chill puppy ever, but is naughty when she spends too much time with Maple.

Yeti is the oldest and the one that behaves the best. I left a whole batch of cookies on the stove all day and she didn’t eat a single one! What was she thinking?

They all go to puppy training, so I’m optimistic about Maple…

I moved in last week and already have had some fabulous runs. I’ve also gotten lost once when I tried to run in Newfield. I got 6 miles out after taking a wrong turn…then hitchhiked home in the back of a truck. My hair was crazy!

I’ve run with friends a few times and it’s like nothing has changed.

These are my people.

I’ve spent the week working for my mom at her boutique and getting my paperwork ready for CTB and the fitness center. My mom and I have had some really great days together. No matter what food I bring for her, she still tries to eat half of mine. Like mother, like daughter I guess.

I start back to work at CTB this week. I have already eaten there everyday since being back. No shame.

I don’t have a set schedule nor will I have weekends off, but that’s ok. I enjoy my job and my coworkers, so being with them is not a chore. Just have to remember to take time off for races. My Saturdays will be spent working the morning at the fitness center and then working for my mom in the afternoon. I’ll plug her Instagram when I create it and you all can look at the clothes and buy them if you want. Whenever I am in a dress, it is from her shop.

My days are all different, but part of that is really cool. I’m teaching myself to go with the flow. Running will come, I just need to be flexible.

It’s all good down here.

11 thoughts on “Back Home”

  1. Ok it is so cool that you are helping your mom out with her boutique, and I love that you get to stay with a co worker that has dogs. I LOVE dogs. They add so much to our lives. They are truly a blessing from God. And we have a dog that eats almost everything, but some of our other dogs hate vegetables. O_O

  2. I love that you’re helping your mom with her boutique! You should do a post all about that. I think it’s so interesting!! Yay for all the dogs! Love those names 🙂

  3. Welcome home to you! You always seemed very happy when working at CTB. I dream of working at a bagel and ice cream shop after my desk job life. Look forward to continue to learn about your life!

  4. Well until we get our OH SO LONG OVERDUE phone chat in, I’m glad I get this little update.

    Yay. You are home. You are with your people. Your trails. Your friends (and some new friends – yay dogs!!). I think this is where “flow” is going to live best.

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