B Happy Peanut Butter [it’s not smooth, it’s not crunchy, it’s SMUNCHY!]

I love crunchy peanut butter. It’s a staple for me in my training and diet.

Smooth is a fine stand in or if it’s really on sale, but nothing holds the same pizzazz for me like a good old spoonful of crunchy, nutty peanut butter. The mouthfeel, the texture, the taste. Everything about crunchy nut butters is something I look forward to.

I’ve even made my own nut butter before in two steps: make the smooth first, then stir in the chopped nuts.

Doesn’t everyone do that?

Well, as I would later find, I also enjoy a “middle ground” version of peanut butter. Not smooth, but also not exactly crunchy. Smaller bits of nuts, still spreadable (and spoonable) and 100% delicious.
B Happy Peanut Butter is a new to me company that makes a type of nut butter they title “smunchy”. I was happy to recieve a couple jars during my training cycle, not only because peanut butter is my recovery food, but because this company is known for being delicious! Thanks to Emily for turning me on to them!

It’s a finer ground crunchy peanut butter that still holds onto that mouthfeel, but the chunks aren’t as big.

I am now a huge fan! As the jar states, it was hard for me not to eat it all by the spoonful.

Actually, let’s get real, it took me two days to eat the jar of original. I then dove into the apple cinnamon and loved that too.

The original version is great for sandwiches, as a topping for pancakes or Vegan Protein Cookie Dough and the apple cinnamon is perfect as is. Really I just ate it with a spoon. The apple chunks balance out the richness of the peanut butter, so I could eat more spoonfuls without feeling like my throat was clogged.

If you’ve ever eaten PB straight you know what I mean.

The apples cut it nicely and it was actually refreshing, not how I would usually describe a nut butter, but it works.

Another thing I love about B Happy Peanut Butter is the small batch, small company vibe. Based out of Zionsville, Indiana, the company keeps quality high in a single factory. I am happy to pay a bit more for that! The flavor names are also adorable:

Plain: KeepSmunchy

Apple Cinnamon: Pay It Forward

Snickerdoodle: So Happy Together

What else do you need?

Check out their website and B Happy!

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Anyone interested in a giveaway? 

Leave a comment and email down below and I’ll pick a random winner for one jar of the original KeepSmunchy peanut butter. 

Tell me: What would you put this peanut butter on?

36 thoughts on “B Happy Peanut Butter [it’s not smooth, it’s not crunchy, it’s SMUNCHY!]”

  1. I have recently started making sweet potato bowls post run, and a dollop of this pb would be delicious on top!! But I think eating it out of the jar with the spoon is my favorite way. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

    1. Thanks for commenting Kelsey! I’ve actually never put peanut butter or almond butter on sweet potatoes! Crazy right? I know I need to get on that train because it looks amazing on Instagram. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Ahh!! You know I too am a huge fan of any nut butter, but something with crunch is super rewarding which is why I would love to try this new blend you rave about!! Also, thanks to you I would be trying the Smunchy in between some good ole’ medjool dates!! I love adding peanut butter to smoothies, yogurt, my favorite Ezekiel Bread or just with apples, bananas or carrots!! PB rocks no matter what!

  3. Along with avocado, peanut butter is my favorite healthy fat and these look amazing! I have never tried anything like them and after tasting it plain I would definitely put it on a sweet potato or a banana. Thanks so much for the giveaway. I am a new follow and like reading about your training. 🙂 Good luck with the rest of your taper.

  4. Just mention peanut butter and I’m in for a chat. My fondness of and a addiction ot it is ridiculous. It has gotten so far that I’ll always carry a small almost empty [less spillage risk] in my work bag and will sneak bites every now and then. “Smunchy” would actually be the best term to describe my absolute favourite peanut butter. I’ve tried many brands and this one is perfect: very smooth/drippy with small chunks.
    B.Happy really sounds like a wonderful brand. Coming from an area of many small/organic businesses I truly like support those when I can. The flavour names here would lure me in, too. Apple Cinnamon?! Genius. I’d eat that by the spoonful, too. Okay, let’s be honest: that’s how I eat all kinds of peanut butter.

    1. Oh my God are you my twin? I take the Skippy snack pack containers with me in my bag just in case where I am going could use some extra goodness 😉 I really could use a peanut butter IV drip. Seriously that might be heaven! Thanks for commenting!

  5. This sounds so good! I share your love of peanut butter and would love to try! I would probably eat it straight of the jar or on a banana. Mm. Craving activated! 🙂

  6. That looks soooooo good! I’ve never had peanut butter like that, but I’m drooling over it now. I would put it between homemade chocolate chip cookies. (Or just eat it right out of the jar!)

  7. OOH, I would love to win another… jar of Keep Smunchy. This is literally the best peanut butter I’ve had, and I’m so thankful that you were able to try some jars! And yes, I am always willing to pay more for a small business/high quality! I think I would eat it… straight from the jar or on icecream. or in cereal.

  8. I love smunchy!!!
    Oh man if only I could try all these amazing sounding peanut butters you guys get. I can’t believe this brand – actual chunky apples!?! That is amazing! I love supporting small companies doing good things. And who better to review a peanut butter than the banana bowl queen.

  9. I just started following your blog recently after seeing it on, I think, Hollie’s blog? Anyway, I would put this on apples or either ezekial toast pre-run. It looks really tasty and I love chunky PB.

    1. Hey Amy! I’ve read your blog before and enjoyed what I saw (sorry I never commented, sometimes I’ll start a comment and then think I sound silly). Thank you for commenting! I love Ezekiel brand bread as well, it’s so hearty! I wish it was less expensive, but definitely a treat with peanut butter!

  10. I never heard of this but love PB. I have it in smoothies and on sweet potatoes and dates and spoons!! With chocolate chips on a spoon is my favorite bedtime snack.

  11. I thought I commented but perhaps it got lost 🙂 Long story short, that PB looks amazing and I would first try it plain, and then on banana and sweet potato. Yum! Thanks for the giveaway.

  12. That snicker doodle sounds amazing! I love to put peanut butter on a spoon and eat it plain! I also love it with bananas. It’s basically good ALWAYS!

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