Are workouts ever easy and 7 days till TEXAS!

Last night my coach texted me, while I was sleeping, and changed my workout this morning. I was already nervous for the run he had given me, and getting a new, even harder one, late last night wasn’t ideal.

I already was trying to catch up on sleep from the night before, and going to have to wake up earlier to get this longer mid-week run in.

Needless to say, not my favorite way to fall back to sleep and wake up.

I was supposed to do a tempo run of 10-13 miles, the last 8 at marathon pace. He changed it to 3x3miles at half marathon pace with .5 mile recovery in between.

Jesus it was not easy. No workout is. Am I delusional in thinking someday I’ll feel good during these? The thing is, I have to guess at HM and M pace because it’s been so long since I’ve done them. Oh well, I tried my best. I hope it’s good enough for Texas.

Speaking of Texas, I’m going to leave the van at my parents house, and also take my other car there too. I don’t drive it as much with the van, so it makes sense to park it in a more long term place. I might even take some of the insurance off it since I’m not driving it.

7 days till TEXAS!

Breakfast: peanut butter and jelly on an onion bagel and iced latte

Running: 12 miles

One thought on “Are workouts ever easy and 7 days till TEXAS!”

  1. All of your workouts always sound intense to me. No workout is ever technically easy, but some are easier than others. I’m excited about you getting to take the van to Texas.

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