Approaching Training With A Beginner’s Mindset

When I began training almost a month ago (holy moly was it that long ago?!) I wanted things to be different.


Each time I begin a new training cycle, I do feel as if I am a more experienced runner, meaning I will hopefully not make as many mistakes.

Rotate your shoes

Do some core and mobility work

Cross train

Things like that I add to my arsenal of injury prevention that keeps me running strong.

On the flip side, starting a new training cycle must be met with a beginner mindset in a few ways. I cannot start training at 50 miles a week, even if I used to be able to do that easily in my last cycle. After taking time off, my body is in full recovery mode. I am unfit, my heart hasn’t worked that hard and neither have my legs. Even if you don’t pull something or get an overuse injury, overworking the internal systems of the body is just as bad.

For me, mental burnout occurs much faster with sympathetic nervous system fatigue than muscle fatigue. Therefore, I must build up slowly, training my brain as I go.

It all comes back quickly, each cycle I get up to larger mileage faster and am able to put in more work, but every single time, I start at ground zero.

Very easy jogging, walk-run intervals, no time or mileage goal, always keeping mobility work after each run.

I get a lot of questions, especially on my last post about how I run 78 miles in a week.

This is how I built up to it. Start training as a beginner, and work up to it.

And always run happy!

16 thoughts on “Approaching Training With A Beginner’s Mindset”

  1. WOW. I love this. It’s so hard for me to humble myself and start over every training cycle, but it’s so good to remember that my body needs that build-up as does my mind and my emotions.

  2. I approached yoga with a beginners mindset as well. i didn’t want to dive head first into it and expect myself to be amazing ya know? I just wanted to start with no expectations and just have fun with it!

  3. So important to remember this! It can be easy to jump back in after a couple weeks off and think you can run at the same level, but our bodies need time to re-adapt to the high mileage/ fast runs!

    1. I have three pairs on rotation right now. So I try for every third day. This is the best effort I’ve given it. I have a shoe for recovery runs and then two pairs that can do faster stuff or recovery. I need new trail shoes =P

  4. This takes quite a load of humbleness, no? And grace. And patience. Did you used to find this “restarting” difficult? I know I would feel frustrated that i wasn’t where I last was. But that is an irrational expectation, for anyone.

    1. I was actually pretty kind to myself. I knew taking a month off was both necessary and cost me fitness. I think being in running fitness all year is unhealthy, so actually, being out of shape is a good sign and that I did recovery right 🙂

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