Alone time, running and Ten Forward!

If you’ve never listened to the Billy Yang Podcast, do yourself a favor and download it. Try it out. Think Rich Roll meets Ultrarunner Podcast. Long form interviews (60-90 minutes) with athletes mostly, and a few entrepreneurs thrown in.

The most recent episode with Zach Miller got me thinking a lot about how I live as a vandweller. He spoke about living remotely at Barr camp in Colorado. It’s 6.5 miles up a mountain and from the nearest town. He lives mostly alone, and he’s ok with it.

I resonated most with the feeling of being with people, and how awkward it feels sometimes. I do have a social job, but I love going back to my van at night knowing I will be alone. I loved my friend Lesley and enjoyed her company when I lived with her and her boyfriend Mark, but it also taught me that I want to live alone. I enjoy it.

I can go out and see people or stay with someone if I want (just as Zach spoke about going to town and hanging with people) but I don’t really want to. We both enjoy our routines and honestly if I went to a bar tonight, it would feel weird. Not me. As if I was faking it or trying to do what normal people do.

It’s just not me. Maybe I (as Zach also stated) are sort of a loner at heart. Sure, I am great with people and enjoy them. I like company. But I also crave alone time. I think the reason I am so good with people is because I know I will have my time alone later.

Resonating with Zach (and others I’ve spoken with) is very comforting.

This past weekend was another good one. I woke up Sunday and ran for a while. I got in about 29 miles both trail and road before making it back to the van and calling it a morning. The weather was perfect for it, between 60 and 70 degrees the whole time.

The third hour was rough, I considered stopping after 4 hours. I was a bit mentally fatigued and just feeling off. It ended up being a low point, and I decided to get out of the parks and run around the city for my last hour. It made the difference, just a change in scenery.

After my run I wanted some breakfast, so I went to Ten Forward (second time that weekend haha) and branched out to try their new tofu scramble. I had my friend Alex burrito it up for me with some cheese and veggie sausage. Delicious, a must try if you’re in Ithaca.

That afternoon I called my mom and sister and talked to them, did a bit of work for Agava, and read. I tried to maximize the time I spend sitting or laying. It was quite nice.

On Monday I went for a 15 mile run, then to geriatric yoga. My legs were trashed, so the yoga flow and rest there helped. It was a good two days of training.

I’m off today, and I believe I’m tapering for my race in two weeks. I can’t wait for Many on the Genny! It was so fun last year!

Breakfast: yogurt with walnuts, flaxseeds, blueberries and protein powder

Running: Zero

4 thoughts on “Alone time, running and Ten Forward!”

  1. I don’t comment enough for how much I like your blog.
    I am an introverted loner through and through. My husband and I joke that we like to be loners together. Just going to church drains me and makes me crave quietness in my own home. Its one of the main reasons I was scared to have children… they definitely suck away a lot of possible alone time. But we just have a good schedule and I get downtime when they rest in the afternoon, after bedtime, and when I wake up before them in the morning.

    I love reading about your training. I am on 5 1/2 weeks of recovery from a femur stress REACTION and cannot wait to start getting back out there again. I’m glad its not an actual fraction, but since its in the femur they are being cautious and saying 8 weeks until I can try running again. Getting there…

  2. “I think the reason I am so good with people is because I know I will have my time alone later.”….. huh. That is so interesting. I think that may be a big thing for me, too. I’m great at work – I’m good with people – I, more often than not, LOVE my real interactions with people at work – but the whole time I am envisioning my quiet time at home later that night, alone, vegging on my couch, not talking to anyone. I think that balance totally allows me to get through the social stuff, and in a grateful, happy way even.

  3. I love being alone to have refresh time in order to go back and be with people. I think God made us to need some solo time, and it can really refresh my mind to just spend time alone praying, thinking, being out in God’s creation, running, walking, or just sleeping out in the woods. 🙂 I also love spending alone time in our bedroom. I’m so amazed at how you have such a social job Ellie and how you balance that.

  4. I’m totally an introvert, so I get what you mean about alone time! While I don’t live alone, I know I enjoy my alone time when I do get it. I’m glad you are comfortable with who you are and what you enjoy in life! That’s half the battle for most people!

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