Adorable cakes and opening shifts

Three days until race morning! I had a perfectly confident run this morning leaving me feeling strong and tapered. It was dark, 4 in the morning and I was in my element. Time to ride until race day!

I have to open CTB this morning, and it’s a bit rainy so it might be a slower day here. I came in to a few orders already so that will keep us busy.

I also saw this cake, which makes me truly happy. I love sprinkles.

Breakfast: sunflower butter and jelly on sourdough

Running: 55 minutes

3 thoughts on “Adorable cakes and opening shifts”

  1. Race day is so soon–YAY! I am super excited for you. I like hearing about work at CTB for you. It’s so interesting. Also, that cake is adorable 🙂

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