A New Training Cycle is Like A New House

A new training cycle is kind of like moving to a new house.

build a house

You are prepared with the paperwork, the bills have been paid, you’ve signed on the dotted line and the home is yours.

Next comes the hard, but rewarding part: making the house a home.

Building a base in training is like saving for a house. You put in the tedious work, the long hours, the slow training because you see the bigger picture. You know that time will come to build on that foundation.

Once you move in to your new house, you can start to make the house a home. You decorate, fix things, move stuff around.

In training, this is when you start doing workouts, sign up for that race, find the right time of day to run, the right cross training. You may choose to do some strength training, get on the track, find a trail. Just like a home is designed to reflect its owner, your training plan and activities should reflect who you are as a runner.

For me, I don’t like doing too many trails when I’m training for a road race. Here and there is fine, but also increases the likelihood I’ll get injured.

I like to do core, a little bit everyday, body weight movements and stability drills.

I used to do speed workouts on a treadmill, but now do them on a track.

Others use hill training to get speed, trail work for stability and treadmills for pacing.

Each training plan should be custom to your unique needs.

Another example is my job. I work certain hours which change weekly. That means when I look at my schedule I save hard or longer runs for days off or later work days. I know how it feels to race and then have to work a shift. Recovery will still happen, but it takes longer.

Tying this back to your house, each home will have different appliances, a different lighting style, different rooms all custom to who lives there.

Think about staying over at a friends house (or for me, if I were to stay at my parents). You don’t mind for a day or so, but after a while, your routine is mixed up, there are more things in your way, living is more difficult. Starting a training cycle can be that way if you’re trying to fit a plan, rather than let your plan fit you.

If you hate speedwork, don’t do it, but adjust the expectations for your event. If you love a marbled staircase in your house but chose to live in a one story building, either move or adjust your expectations.

This post went into a bit of everything, but with fall races around the corner, make sure the coach/plan/race is right for you. Make sure you have fun, train hard and finish.

That’s what it’s all about.

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What is an essential thing in your house?

Do you have a one story or two story house?

13 thoughts on “A New Training Cycle is Like A New House”

  1. An essential thing in my house is my vitamix blender. I have a 4 story house. My dream home! I would love a visitor if you ever trek to Boston 🙂

    1. I have heard such good things about Vitamix! I have a food processor that I use multiple times a day and cost my $15. It is easily the best money I’ve ever spent. I have a Blentec blender, but don’t use it as much. Thank you for that offer! I haven’t decided about Boston yet…I don’t know if I would like that HUGE of a race.

      1. I just mean if you ever visit Boston for any reason (running or not).

        Regarding the Boston Marathon – it is a large marathon (I’ve run it 4 times). It’s not a very pretty course in my opinion. People do it for the wonderful crowd support.

  2. This is so true. Constructing a training plan to fit what life looks like at the present does take wisdom and planning. And not every training cycle is going to look the exact same.

    WE have a ranch style house, so would that be considered one story? An essential part of our house is probably our Bibles, washer&dryer, and yes, the food processor the Vitamix!

    1. I agree, my food processor is my most used appliance! I use it so much, there is a huge crack in the side…but I will use it till it dies 🙂

  3. I like that you said if you hate speed work don’t do it but adjust expectations. Way too many times I’ve seen people slack on it and get very upset with a time. But it is 100% necessary to put in the hard work if you want to see the results. Even if it is hard to get motivated and I’m not a speed work fan myself. Prefer the longer runs.

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