A full weekend, a full life. My sister ran 20 miles!!!

What a beautiful past few days! On Saturday it only took about an hour for the sun to replenish my solar powered battery. Since then it’s been nice not having to worry about driving to charge it or running out during the night.

I also have enjoyed not using my heater! Last night was too warm so I opened the door for a bit to make it cooler. I think it hit 70 degrees yesterday, and my van insulates very well, making it warm. It was quite comfortable, but I sleep better in the cold. So as the temperature dropped, I opened the doors. I think van life will be quite nice in the warm weather. I can’t wait to take the insulation off the walls and light up the van naturally!

This weekend was lovely. Sunday in particular, I had a great day. It started with my younger sister and I running 20 miles. That is the longest she’s ever run! It was fun to spend the first 4 hours of the first nice Spring day with her. She was so tough and got through it even though I know she wanted to stop. She’s going to finish the Silo District Marathon in two weeks (!!!) and I’m so happy for her!

I asked her whether she likes running alone or with someone better and she said she was glad I was there so she had someone to complain to. HAHAHA a true runner! We sort of started talking about how we’re going down, and I realized we’d be close to Frozen Head State Park, where the Barkley marathons take place. I told her the only thing I want to do is stop there and get a picture at the Yellow Gate.

She’s seen the Barkley movie…and she will never let me do it (I have no interest) and she also does not want to stop at the gate. I’m working on it. Hopefully we’ll get there.

After we finish running, we hung out at my mom and dad’s for a few hours. She plopped down on the couch as did I and we talked about Texas. I’m so excited to go! It’s something I never thought I’d do (sit in a car for 3 days? NO WAY!) but as I get older, I have realized that spending time with family, relaxing and not having to move all the time is quite a virtue. I’d rather sit on my butt for 3 days with them enjoying the trip than control things. So they can plan, I’ll just be along for humor and snacks.

My sister-in-law and I got lunch at Nikki Green and talked for 3 hours! We haven’t really gotten to know each other very well in the 6 months she’s been my sister, and she wanted to try the restaurant. I more than willingly obliged. I think Cassidy is hilarious and enjoyed spending time with her. We went for a walk after lunch because it was so nice out, I showed her my van and told her about how it goes living in one.

She told me about her family and how different it is from my own. Not good or bad, just different. She is a teacher and works with international and slower students. This past Saturday was their prom and one of her students (whom Cassidy has worked so hard with to improve her social skills) was voted to prom court! My mom has been helping her find a dress and she looked beautiful. I almost cried when Cass showed me the pictures.

After I said goodbye to Cassidy, I walked by my work to say hello and it was busy, so I stayed for a few hours to help out. I love it when the weather turns and it gets like this. I don’t like being bored at work, and now I know I won’t be. We are severely short staffed, so it’s all hands on deck. I also love my coworkers, I am blessed to have them.

After I helped them out for a while, I got back home to my van, ate and went to sleep. I had a wonderful weekend.

Monday was also a great day. My coach told me I could do a double long run (Sun-Mon) if I wanted. So I did a medium long run of 13 miles. The sun rose as I started which filled me with energy. I didn’t have much uncomfort in my hip flexor, so I will continue stretching it out and strength training to make it stronger.

I ate breakfast then headed to the gym for said strength routine. An hour is just enough for me right now. I get things done correctly, don’t feel rushed, but it does make me work. I feel like I am doing something to make me a happier runner. I even forgot my headphones and it was ok, I didn’t need a distraction. The energy flowed, I got everything done. This is the kind of strength training I can manage.

After that I did some promotional stuff for Agava, read for a bit and then went into CTB. The weather was so beautiful I ate lunch outside. I worked with my favorite people, I made a bunch of smoothies. I’m happy when people get the vegan ones. Speaking of vegan, a guy came in carrying a cute dog and asked me to make him a soy Nutella latte. I also noticed he got a Varna’s Vegan panini, but of course just because you get that means nothing. When I went to deliver his food, he had a TAMERLAINE FARM hat on!!! I immediately struck up a conversation with him and told him I had the same hat (which I wore in my last race!) He knew about Strong Hearts Vegan Power and was indeed a vegan. That was pretty awesome! I love it when I can connect in that way. A real connection, not simply online.

I finished my shift, ate some nachos for dinner, did a crossword and called it a night.

What a filling past few days. I have a wonderful life.

Breakfast: peanut butter oatmeal with banana and Nutzo (anyone tried it?!)

Running: OFF, Trail Runner Body

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