I get to watch a WR attempt!

I found out yesterday that one of my running heroes, Camille Herron will be at the race on Sunday! She is going for the 50k world record! Isn’t that amazing! I hope she does it and also I’m happy to be there to see it. My coach also wants me to learn from her. To see her as she is, and take away something from her that I can practice.

Hopefully she can teach me how to enjoy beer because…

I’m trying to find a good way to bring my phone with me on runs to take pictures. I’ve been advised to get a Nathan Hipster, which looks cool…or I’m thinking to just carry a pack with me both for practice and to carry stuff. The Vapor Howe pack looks cool as does the Saloman S-Labs packs. I’ll see how the weekend goes and reassess afterwards.

Yesterday I almost joined a dating website. LOL. Wut. Then I looked around at my van and realized I was already committed. Maybe some day…

My toes have been killing me lately. Today finally they started to feel better. I’ve been going more barefoot and using my correct toes which has been helping. I’m also switching to Altra and Saucony shoes with wider toe boxes from now on. Seems like a good decision.

I love Ithaca Hummus so much. I’m totally not a spicy person, but I’ve been enjoying their smoked chipotle hummus on my sandwiches this week and I’m impressed. As long as I also have some tofutti on it as well to buffer the flame, it’s been working out.

Breakfast: oatmeal with banana and sunflower butter and an apple

Running: REST