Cayuga Trails Marathon 2017

This past Saturday I competed in the Cayuga Trails Marathon hosted by Red Newt Racing in conjunction with the USATF 50 Mile Trail Championships going on at the same time.

First, I have to give a HUGE shout out to my friend Samantha Leblanc for CRUSHING her first 50 mile and coming in 7th female overall! She did so amazing and is one of my trail inspirations. She is so strong! I can’t wait to race with her again!

In short, it was a blast and I found my trail legs again.

I decided to do this race not too long ago and just see what happened. In the same fashion of Thom B. Trails a few weeks ago, I just wanted to get onto the beautiful Ithaca trails that I love and have some fun. The race is also hosted by my team and is a big social event around here. I was excited simply to see some familiar faces and meet some new ones.

I arrived in Ithaca the day before the race to help with registration. I felt really excited and not at all nervous. My sleep arrangements the night before included either a wood floor or a reclining chair, and that was chosen by me. I just needed a place to crash and I wasn’t expecting optimal sleep before this race. I didn’t really care, as it was not a goal race and I planned on DNFing if things went to hell.

The morning of the race, I still felt great and excited. I saw many familiar faces at the start line and was comforted that the trails were full of 50 milers who had started 2 hours before us. My teammate Laura Kline, Nora Mciver-Sheridan and Natalie Thompson were all doing the marathon as well, so I was in good company and felt comfortable. The race began and we all stayed mostly together, trading places throughout the first few miles. Laura and I talked for the first half of the race and she reminded me to hike the uphills.

That saved my legs and I felt great. We even joked that the day was so nice and it felt really good to run, that we should have done the 50. I stayed on top of eating and drinking and from miles 10-20 I felt solid.

The only hitch I had was two times right after aid stations, I clipped my toe on a rock and when I braced myself from falling, my nutrition (I think it was Gu Brew) squirted out of my handheld. I still took in other calories, but that was a bit of a setback.

Nora had caught up to me by about mile 18, and she and I stayed together from 18-22 around the huge stair climb. I felt good getting up the stairs, but at the top I knew I was headed for a bonk if I didn’t get to the aid station at mile 22. I slowed down and let Nora go and just focused on getting to the checkpoint. There was nothing I could do as I had eaten my last Gu and my liquid calories were lost to the trail.

Once I got to the aid station, I scarfed down a few Clif Bars and refilled my bottle and got on my way. I knew Nora was long gone but I started to feel great again, so I picked it up a bit (or it felt like I did) and wanted to finish in second place strong. All was well until we hit a spot near the waterfalls that was full of tourists and people enjoying the day. I got caught up in a leash of a dog held by a boy and took a bit of a tumble. We just both went the same way when we tried to avoid each other.

I lost my breath and started to get upset as one does when you can’t breathe. However, I only had 2 miles to go and the blood wasn’t too bad. I just scared myself so the next half mile was spent calming down. I didn’t want to be crying at the finish line.

The last mile was beautiful and mostly downhill with few things to watch out for.

I finished second female with a watch time of 4:22:59.

I am sore today, but no injuries, blisters or anything to be aware of. I feel very happy with how I did and was reminded that even taking time off will not allow my body to forget what it is capable of.

A few things I learned and will practice for any upcoming races:

Practice going downhill (thanks for pointing that out Ian)

Hike early (thanks Laura)

Eat and drink early (I did this and it worked!)

Always have liquid calories in your bottle in addition to solid calories (Again, it worked!)

For technical races longer than 4 hours like this, carry a pack or try not to fall and lose nutrition (what can ya do?)

Thank you to Ian Golden, owner of Red Newt Racing and the Finger Lakes Running Company for the great event and all the help the past few years. I would not be here without you. Thank you to On Running for the fantastic shoes that drained well and prevented blisters even though I did not wear running socks. Thank you to Barney Butter for pre-race nutrition and the delicious products that fuel my daily nutrition.

Congratulations to my other team Strong Hearts Vegan Power who was racing Ragnar Poconos the same day. My thoughts were with you all <3

Oreo Almond Butter Truffles

Let’s get this out of the way, I did not use Oreo brand sandwich cookies to make these truffles. I used Wegmans Double Stuffed Os.

Ok, confession over.

Most people have their favorite cookie. I’d say that over 80% of the people I ask would describe a perfect chocolate chip cookie. Warm, dense, and I agree, that is yummy.

I myself, have always preferred the humble Oreo.

Why? Because I’m a dipper. I love to dip things in other things.

An Oreo is [soy] milk’s favorite cookie is it not? I have counted the amount of seconds it takes to get the perfect amount of soggy, but still a bit crisp, on the outside of an Oreo. It is 14.5 thank you very much.

My dad taught me a trick after he watched me lose my cookie in my milk one too many times. He taught me how to appropriately spear the Oreo cream center with a fork so I wouldn’t get my fingers messy nor lose the cookie. That was a game changer, but I’ll admit, I haven’t used that Jedi technique in a while.

Oreos were made for dipping in milk. I’m not a fan of dipping them in coffee or hot chocolate (the cookie becomes too soggy too quickly), but a bit glass of milk, that’s where it’s at!

After watching The Parent Trap (yes…with Lindsay) I began to dip my Oreos in peanut butter. Did peanut butter replace milk? Why NO! I simply dipped them in the peanut spread and then dipped them in the milk. The peanut butter actually helped to keep one side of the cookie crispier and I enjoyed that even more.

So thank you Lindsay, you wise Master Jedi.

I created these truffles with these memories in mind. I branched out from the peanut butter to almond, but essentially, this creation is a fancier version of my favorite after dinner treat. What I also enjoy about this recipe is that you can also use other flavors of Oreo and it will work well. I might even try the mint next time, why not get crazy?

TRY THIS NOW! Oreo Almond Butter Truffles with @barneybutter Bare Smooth. A childhood favorite, all grown-up! #veganrecipe Click To Tweet

The coating is simple enough to change chocolates or even put something on the outside. My chocolate had cacao nibs in it, so I felt like adding nuts on the outside was overkill.

Rules are meant to be broken my friends, so have at it.

Enjoy the recipe! It also doubles well…if you want more than 6 truffles…just saying 🙂

Oreo Almond Butter Truffles

From at

Prep: Cook: Yield: 6Total:

You'll Need...

  • 12 Oreo Sandwich Cookies
  • 3 T Barney Almond Butter
  • 1-3.5 oz dark chocolate bar


  1. In a food processor, pulse the Oreos and almond butter until a crumbly buy sticky consistency is achieved.
  2. Form into balls with your hands. Place in fridge if needed for 20 minutes to harden.
  3. Melt the chocolate bar in the microwave in 30 second intervals.
  4. Roll the balls in the melted chocolate.