Your Life Does NOT Need a Disclaimer

When I go looking for different products to use, whether it’s running shoes, peanut butter or something as small as toothpaste, I like to see where the opinion of the person/blog/business I am asking is coming from.

Let me clarify, I want to know if the person telling me to buy Brooks running shoes is being sponsored by or affiliated with Brooks.

I want to know if the person telling me all the amazing things about a specialty $10 jar of peanut butter was given the product to sample and rave about.

Usually, there is a disclaimer towards the bottom or the side or a sponsors page (I have one too) letting others know their connection with said brand. Honestly, that doesn’t really have too big an influence on whether I buy the product, but I think transparency is important.

Our government should be so bold, but I digress.

On the flip side, where I think this transparency or disclaimer is not appropriate is in the context of people’s lives.

Again, let me clarify. I do not think giving your opinion about something, and then saying “but I am not the best at this so…” or “I am not an [insert expert here]”

I find people degrade their own opinions almost before they give them. In the same way I mentioned in this post, people feel the need to defend their food choices.

Why is this? Why must we put a disclaimer on how we feel? Why must we automatically put down our own intelligence as soon as we say something we feel passionately about? After all, it’s only one person’s opinion and not everyone has to agree. The people reading should know that or they should not be reading.

I am sad for the people who start a sentence with “I’m a bad [insert descriptive word here], but this is what I have to say…”

Simply SAY IT!

DO NOT put yourself down, or degrade your opinions. You are a human being, a person, and all your opinions are valid.

These same people are the ones who fish for compliments. I also wrote about accepting the compliment and saying thank you.

“Oh, I ran a sub-20:00 5K, but you ran a sub 19:00 5K so my accomplishment is not as good as yours. You’re better than me.”

Arg, just stop it.

You do not need to have a disclaimer on your life or your opinions. You do not need to always justify your bold opinion or water down the way you feel.

Just say what you mean. It’s so much simpler that way.

Slow down kid, you’ve got time

Sometimes, I forget that I am 25 years old.

Really, my coworker asked me the other day and I said 26. Then I corrected myself…three hours later.

I forget that I am relatively new to things, like running, like living on my own, like managing a business. Even though I feel competent in these areas, in the grand scheme of things, I have a long way to go.

That revelation has been the crucial thing that has provided respite this past week. I have a slight injury in my shin that has prevented me from running and makes my racing plans for the year unsolidifiable. I can’t really make concrete plans when I am not engaging in the activity.

I was really depressed about this last week. (Side note, it’s only been just over a week that I haven’t ran, so it’s not like it’s been that long) I thought my life was over. I felt like I was letting people down. People who believe in me, help me in my training and want to see me do well. I felt like I was letting myself down. I was really fit. I was ready to crush something. This injury was sustained basically at my job.

Stress in life combined with training stress built up and manifested in my shin.

At least it’s not a heart attack am I right?

Anyway, I was really sad because I want running to be my life. I see my friends and other runners doing so well and it’s incredible. I want that to be me!

But it’s not. Those runners are different. Those runners have a greater training age (ran in college and high school etc). Those runners are not me.

I am only capable of what my body can do. Right now my body is coping with a major life change. I moved, I changed jobs, I have a lot more responsibility in that job, I am in school, my new city is different and learning the roads is difficult. There is a lot on my mind!

I have had to accept my limits right now. I will run again when my leg feels better. I am blessed I can still walk, cross train and do most everything. Honestly, I haven’t tried running because I can feel my shin when I move in certain ways. I’m not going to rush into it because I don’t want anything worse to happen. When I can, I’ll run.

I have so many good years of running ahead of me. I am 25 years old. My training age is 4.

I have time. I love running. That will keep me coming back. Fast or slow. Road or trail.

Good things take time. I’ll wait.

The Crucial Element in Training

…is rest.

I find this concept so hard to grasp.

How can something so easy, so effortless, actually be a part of training? How can something you don’t actually have to work for actually make you stronger?

The concept makes sense to my brain scientifically, but emotionally I still find it hard to bear.

I’ve had to rest more than I’d like in the past week. It’s all a part of the master plan and I understand it, but it is the most challenging part of my routine. I like doing things. I like putting in effort and seeing the results soon after.

A new workout PR.

A nice sweat build up.

Anything that gets my endorphins up.

A nap is lack luster. Sure, when I am exhausted it feels good, but most times I force it. I do my best, but it’s hard when I can’t see the benefit right then. The benefit comes later, when your legs feel fresh in the next workout. The benefit comes when you feel ready to take on your stressful job instead of breaking down. The benefit comes when you have energy to not only run, but go out exploring later in the day.

Rest is like putting gas in the tank. You can’t immediately see what the gas is doing, but the nest time you turn the car on and it moves, you know you did the right thing.

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I will be doing a lot more resting in the next few weeks and I can tell you, it does get easier.

It’s ok not to red-line once or twice a week during a workout. It’s ok to be completely comfortable during your whole workout.

It’s putting wood on the fire.

It’s creating something epic.

Just wait for it. Rest is part of training.