Harmonious v. Obsessive Passion

Harmonious passion is when an individual becomes completely absorbed in an activity because they love how the activity itself makes them feel. Obsessive passion is when an individual gets hooked on something because of external reward (source)

When I am not in the most, let’s say, blissful, mood during a run, I start to question what kind of person I am.

Why do I run every day?

Some people, [haters] call what we do crazy, daemonic, obsessive.

Are they right?

Is the reason I (and others) run based on something extrinsic, something outside myself or something superficial?

The answer: sometimes

As anyone who has trained for a race, of any distance, there are times when training is dull. I forget the end game. I forget why you started. All that seems relevant is that I have a 5 mile run to do before I go into a 9 hour work day.

I’m not feeling it, it feels like a stupid item to check off my to-do list.

And some days, that’s ok. It’s ok that my run is something I check off my list. It’s necessary because often times, completing a task is helpful in beginning my day. It makes me feel productive. I am better able to accomplish the other things on my list.

So, I will still run even if it is not purely for the joy of running. Anyone who says they only run because it is the greatest all the time is probably lying.

Most days, I do remember why I started and continue to run.

Most days I feel a sense of harmonious passion in my efforts. I click off the miles without noticing, I am absorbed in what I am doing and just running is the outcome I search for as I run. The activity itself brings as much joy as the result.

I think I need both of these types of passion for my running. I need the obsessive passion for days when I don’t feel like running or I have the choice to cut a run short or quit. I need a race or a sense of fitness running provides.

I am motivated and encouraged by the harmonious passion I feel when running is right. The pain is welcome. I smile and run with a sense of purpose and pride, no matter the speed. This passion is why 80 year old Ellie will still be hobbling around the block.

I believe that as people age and times increase, the harmonious passion becomes a larger percentage of the reason to run. Sure, running for health (mental and physical) is still there, but the depth of intrinsic reward from running becomes the sought after outcome.

What kind of runner are you?

Resources for those feeling lost

This past week was very emotional for me. I hit a low on Wednesday with a huge headache and most likely a fever. It was a combination of my long work schedule, hard training and the turmoil present in our country.

I’ve thrown together a few resources that have helped me understand and also ways to support if you don’t have the money. Use your voice, the time to act is now before this administration becomes “the new normal.”

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This article explains how the March On Washington was important in extending literacy on the topic of Intersectional Feminism.
How To Run Through Emotional Fatigue via Going Big or Going Home

Indivisible Guide a resource for those choosing to resist Trump
Feministe a list of what has happened in the first 7 days of Trump’s administration
Everyday Feminism a guide to feminism and educational platform for social liberation
9 Scary Changes To The White House Since Donald Trump Was Sworn In via Bustle
5 Calls spend 5 minutes, make 5 calls to your government officials

It is also VERY IMPORTANT to support journalism now more than ever. Just like Hitler was able to brainwash the German people by controlling the media, the Trump administration is creating a distrust in reporting because he does not like what they are saying, even though it is true.

Democracy Now!



Women’s March

Together, we can fight this!

A word about Panned Parenthood, as I know this is a huge deal breaker for many people and most likely why Trump got elected:

Planned Parenthood:

  • Affordable primary, preventative, and reproductive healthcare
  • active lobbying to protect women’s reproductive rights in the US
  • Increasing global access to health services
  • Providing practical information about family planning and disease prevention
  • preventing about half a million pregnancies a year in the US
  • providing about half a million Pap tests and breast exams each year
  • Only 3% goes toward abortions and related services