It’s called BREAD.

Another one of my biggest pet peeves is when people break foods down and call them by a singular nutrient.

This irks me in a huge way majorly because I was guilty of this.

Now when I see it all over Instagram and other blogs, I just roll my eyes. This peeve of mine has helped in significantly reducing the amount of blogs I read. I simply get annoyed when a whole food is reduced to one of it’s elements.

I am studying nutrition to become a holistic health coach. Yes, I know that it is not a dietitian or nutritionist. I do not claim to be those things. Yet, I do not understand when these same dietitians and health “role models” continue to speak of foods in regard to what they consider the “most important” part of that food.

Just because you’re eating a baked potato does not mean that the only good thing about that potato is #carbsfordayz

A potato also has potassium, protein, fiber and tons of Vitamin C.

Also, by reducing a food to a singular nutrient, you take the love and comfort out of the food.

Think about it. Say you sit down to eat with your friend and ask what they’re eating and they say,

“I’m having a carb.”

What image comes to mind? Not too much right? Snore. Move on from that table and sit with someone else.

Instead, if they say,

“I’m having mashed potatoes and gravy.”

That image is a lot more relatable and fun right? Mashed potatoes sound delicious!

I also think that people want to confess to eating something like #carbz or #fatz yet brag about eating #proteinz because #gainz

I would need a few hundred hands to count the number of times the description of a meal has the hashtag #carbs when it is followed by the hashtag #legday or #gymsession

Why does this matter? Honestly I am guilty of doing this in the past too (but lets be real, my “gym session” is laughable). When describing a recipe of some sort, it makes sense to embellish it with a statement about the nutrition in the food, but for most of us, there is no need to explain your food choice.

Understand this: YOU, yes YOU, do not need to JUSTIFY your food choices to anyone.

There, you’re free. You can eat WHATEVER you want and NOT TELL ANYONE what is in it or WHY you chose to eat that.

You can leave the gym and eat apples, bread, cheese, cookies or GOD FORBID EAT NOTHING and it’s NO ONE’S BUSINESS but YOUR OWN!

Rant coming to a close:

It’s called bread.

It’s called banana.

It’s called avocado.

It’s called a cookie.

Food is more than #carbz, #protein and #fat.

Food is your own. Food is delicious. Food does not need to be justified.

Food is not CARBS or PROTEINS or FATS. Food does not need to be justified. Food is your own. #nutrition #holistichealth Click To Tweet

Have a macronutrient-free day, and enjoy your food.


Long Run Fuel: Run Gum

I am a Run Gum ambassador for 2017. I recieved a package of Run Gum this year, but was not encouraged to write this post. All of these opinions are my own because I need to share about my experience this past weekend with this product.

I’ve written about Run Gum here, and all company information can be found here.

People matter, performance matters.

The motto of Run Gum is something I can get behind. Personally, I’d like to add “enjoyment matters” to the end. This was no more true in my long runs this past weekend.

I had a 20 mile progression on Saturday and an easy 20 miler on Sunday. Classic ultra training, nothing too crazy for seasoned ultramarathoners, but something new for me.

I mentioned in my 50 mile race recap that I took Run Gum at strategic places during the race; when I felt like crap at mile 25 after almost getting pushed off the mountain and at mile 40 when the hill we were climbing did not seem to end. In both of those instances, the Gum picked me up out of my slump. It was kind of amazing.

Since that time, I really haven’t used the product because I haven’t done too many long runs. I have begun to use caffeine strategically in this training cycle. Basically, I don’t drink caffeine anymore. Decaf coffee and tea are my best friends. I am doing this so that on race day, strategic usage of caffeinated products will give me the boost I need.

I do not think this product should be used instead of nutrition. In fact, I will be using caffeinated Tailwind during the race too in addition to eating at aid stations. Run Gum is not a nutritional product, it is a performance enhancing supplement. One I will use in addition to calories.

I think this product will be able to take the place of energy drinks, specifically at the high school and collegiate level, where they are in rampant use. The ingredients in Run Gum are a lot safer and more effective than other energy drinks (except Coke, which I still think saved my life on that bonk during the summer).

Right now, Run Gum has begun to sell variety packs, so you can try each flavor. You’ll quickly discover your favorite (mine is the fruit flavor!)

I recommend saving Run Gum for longer efforts and races. I think it’s important to teach your body to run without caffeine and food. If you use the Gum too often, it will lose its potency. This is the same for people who can drink coffee at 5PM and still go to sleep. They are unaffected by the caffeine. When this happens, the feeling in the race will not be as pronounced. You don’t need to go off all caffeine as I have, but using caffeinated products sparingly helps retain their effectiveness.

Try the Gum. I love it and look forward to using it in races.

@rungum is the perfect mid-race pick-me-up! Now in a variety pack, my ultrarunning dreams have come true #runsquad2017 #runsquad #rungum Click To Tweet

Have you tried Run Gum?

Do you have a high caffeine tolerance?

Broken Treadmills and Snow Runs

This past week, I broke my treadmill.

I kid, it just needs some maintenance, but it is out of commission until the repair man comes on February 22nd.

This has changed my running a bit this past week. Meaning: I was forced to get outside.

Normally, I love this. Before I moved, I ran outside as much as I could. It was great. I knew my routes, felt safe and would never pick the treadmill over the road unless the conditions were so bad (think, treadmill marathon) or I was doing speed specific work and I had to stay inside.

Since I moved, I was in my off season, then the darkness and unfamiliar neighborhood made it a better choice to run on the treadmill. I’m not ashamed for this, it is what it is.

Well, the treadmill now needs maintenance and so outside I go. I have run to work a few times, so I sort of know where things are. However doing anything longer than a few miles has not happened.

Until today.

Today, I ran over 10 miles before and after work (combined) and it was both beautiful and humbling. I am not looking at pace, as running in a snow storm and on new terrain is obviously something that will influence it. I am just happy to be out there.

It is cold. I am unfamiliar with where I am. There are a lot of cars. It’s scary.

But a wise woman once said (ok, this was from my babe Laura but also said by Jenn Shelton) “Don’t overthink, just go–it’s the best way to learn.”

Truer words were never spoken. Sometimes it’s hard for me to not think about running all the time. Today however, I was present and enjoyed work. I finished, took my time getting ready to go and just started running. It was cold, windy and snowing. I loved it all.

I am running. That’s what matters.


Take The Compliment

I think my biggest running pet peeve is people who do not know how to take a compliment. Actually, this is probably my biggest pet peeve in life.

I used to be this person.

“Who me? What? I am actually good at something? NO! Blasphemy! I am just average, [insert name here] is so much better!”

Yup, that was me. Part of it was my upbringing in the church. Always best to be humble because of what the Lord did for you. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but let’s be honest, Jesus Christ himself was not talking about being appreciative of talent.

He was telling the obnoxious, self-absorbed Pharisees to not be so full of themselves.

Half of my interactions with friends, readers or potential clients (health coach remember) is me telling them they need to accept the compliments people give them.

Just say THANK YOU God damn it!

The second part of this neuroses that I used have stemmed from being a woman.

Yup, I’m one of them as well. We women are taught to be quiet, and passive. Anything else is seen as a big ol’ BITCH.

Don’t exert yourself. Don’t instruct anyone, God forbid it be a man. Don’t have opinions. Don’t accept any form of flattery.

That’s not attractive.

Well, I’m here to say YES IT IS!

When women appreciate their talents, their dreams, their accomplishments, no matter what they are,


Yes, I just called YOU sexy! When I tell you I am in awe of what you did and you smile and say thank you…WHEW I am enamored with you.


That is the level I appreciate women who know how to take a compliment. Automatically I want to be your best friend.

Sexy women know how to take a compliment. Respect YO SELF! Click To Tweet


Because when a woman does not know how to take a compliment or always puts herself down is someone whom I will need to spend 95% of our time together building up. The “friendship” will become a huge energy suck for me and let me tell you, that is crap.

I don’t deserve it, and neither does any other woman.

If not for your own well-being, you should learn to take compliments because it makes the lives of your loved ones easier. They won’t have to work so hard to be your friend.

There, not only are you AWESOME, you are also SELF-LESS and a GREAT FRIEND.

I’m going to end this here.

Just take the damn compliment babe. You deserve it.

Fueling Two Days in the Life (a double long run weekend)

This past weekend I had a double long run. I ran bigger mileage (at least for me) on both Saturday and Sunday to simulate the later miles of race day fatigue.

I noticed that as the distances get longer, I pay closer attention to making sure I get enough throughout the day. Sure, I’m hungry for breakfast after the run, but making sure enough fuel is consumed become more important later in the day when I’m not ravenous.

It is also important when I am running long again the next day.

My biggest advice for doing back-to-back long runs and recovering appropriately between them is to eat DURING the run. I honestly don’t think that eating much while running influences my performance too much. I think products like Run Gum, water and electrolytes help out immensely, but unless the run is over 25-30 miles, eating on the run is specifically for recovery.

This is just my experience. Obviously, eating while run does help on that run, but I want to make it clear that the most benefits I see from eating/drinking while running is that it aids in recovery.

That said, the following are two days of eating on double run days:

[running fuel]

Day 2

Same running fuel as pictured above.

Plus the same dessert as the night before

That was what I ate for my long run weekend.

Don’t hesitate to email me with any questions.